In Damascus, Christians briefly ignore war for Easter

Debris lie inside a damaged church in Mar Bacchus Sarkis monastery, in Maaloula village, northeast of Damascus, after soldiers loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad took control of it from rebel fighters, April 14, 2014

(Reuters) - The sound of battles echoes from the outskirts of the capital as Christians in Damascus celebrated the Easter weekend, briefly ignoring the conflict for the yearly ritual.

At the gates of Saint George Syrian Orthodox Church - just a few minutes walk from a school where a mortar attack killed several children and injured dozens earlier this week - incense was burning as several uniformed and armed men stood patrol before Good Friday evening services. They joked with each other and did not check ID cards or handbags as people entered.

Inside the ancient city walls of the Old City where the church is located, the cobbled streets bustled with evening shoppers and diners, a rare sight reminiscent of pre-war Damascus.

However, a traditional procession that usually sees hundreds of worshippers follow an effigy of Jesus on the cross accompanied by drums and a church band was cancelled...


Hillary Clinton praises ‘incredibly brave’ 19-year-old college student who came out as undocumented immigrant for the first time at her event

Hiding no more: 19-year-old college student Nova Bajamonti came out Thursday as an undocumented immigrant at an event with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, moderated by actress America Ferrera

A 19-year-old college student announced for the first time Thursday that she was an undocumented immigrant while addressing Hillary Clinton at an event in New York City.

Nova Bajamonti was picked to ask the former Secretary of State a question at a 'No Ceilings' event at the Lower Eastside Girls Club on Thursday.

“For the first time publicly, I want to say that I am an undocumented immigrant,” Ms Bajamonti said before tearing up...


Pakistan: No money on pay day: Christian families plan to stay in on Easter Sunday

A baker in Saddar shows Easter eggs on sale for the upcoming holiday on Sunday. These holiday-themed desserts range between Rs10 and Rs160 (10¢ - $1.64 US)

As she prepared to fast on Thursday morning, all Rehana Masih could think about was how her children will not have new clothes to wear on Easter.

The night before her husband had given her some bad news. He had told her that unlike last year or the year before, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) would not be giving its 10,000 Christian employees a stipend.

“All around the globe, governments are helpful and facilitate its citizens in celebrating religious events and rituals,” she said. “In Pakistan, however, I feel helpless. I don’t know how to explain this to my children.” She added that although Easter is an important event in the Christian calendar, Rehana and her husband had decided to stay at home after Sunday Mass because they don’t feel like they can face their neighbours.

The president of the KMC’s Collective Bargaining Agent, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, told The Express Tribune that their sanitation staff, nurses and paramedical staff had not received their salaries since March. The district South staff, he added, had not been paid for two months.

According to Shah, he had received some information about the March salary being given to grade 1 to 15 employees. “We are not hopeful as time has run out,” he said. “Tomorrow is Good Friday and Easter is on Sunday.” He added that they have decided to celebrate Easter sitting in front of Karachi Press Club with the 10,000 staff members who had not been paid...


Chelsea Clinton at event with Islamic Center director

Executive director of the Islamic Center at NYU Khalid Latif, executive producer Chelsea Clinton and executive director of the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU Rabbi Yehuda Sarna attend the “Of Many” after party during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton, has just announced she is expecting her first baby.


Kittens Packed, Shipped to San Diego…by Accident


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Meteorite over Murmansk


NYT op-ed slamming Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Freedom to offend everyone

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

LONDON — The defense of free speech often hides a multitude of sins. Since Brandeis University withdrew an honor it had intended to bestow on the author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, many have flocked to her defense in the name of free expression — no matter how offensive. But implicitly they are suggesting that Islam and Muslims are worthy targets of Ms. Hirsi Ali’s scorn. And their preciousness about the right to offend won’t be credible until they advocate extending it beyond Islamophobes — to racists, anti-Semites and homophobes, too.

Ms. Hirsi Ali is no casual critic of Islam; she has built a career and brand railing against what she calls “a destructive, nihilistic cult of death.” She has even come perilously close to justifying the Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, whose killing spree, according to her, was a last recourse because he felt he had been “censored” by “advocates of silence” — a nebulous group that she insists promotes a dangerous mix of multiculturalism and tolerance of Islam.

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Remember the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’? Friday document dump from Clinton Library names names

“No one had yet heard of Matt Drudge,” Farah says. “No one knew about the ‘blue dress.’


Much as I would like to believe this...

I remain skeptical... Holy Fire in Jerusalem: Orthodox Christians celebrate annual miracle in Old City

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The Swiss, Tougher Than We Know: Muslim Dad Told To Take A Hike

The Swiss have denied a Muslim Dad's request that his daughter be exempted from school trips due to Islam's forbidding of women to "travel unescorted"

I wonder how such requests are treated by the TDSB in Toronto?


NYT’s heart-warming tale: Muslims in New York City unite on push to add holidays to school calendar

Students at a forum held in March at Public School 69 in Jackson Heights, Queens, calling on New York City's public schools to recognize Muslim holidays

The meeting opened with a pledge from the podium to try to end, God willing, by the hour of the evening prayer. Clusters of colorfully veiled women kept watch over jittery young children. Rows of men conversed in a jangle of languages.

They were Muslims from Bosnia and Montenegro, Egypt and Syria, Pakistan and Bangladesh — several hundred in all.

Fadilah Barco, 15, a Muslim student from the Bronx whose high school closed last year for a Muslim holiday. “It meant that they understood that our religion was important to us and that they cared about us,” she said

It was a gathering remarkable in its diversity from among New York City’s Muslims, a growing group whose members often find it difficult to work together politically because of differences in national origin, language, sect and class.

But a single issue has managed to unify them: the push to close the city’s public schools for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, the most sacred Muslim holidays.

The issue might seem of modest importance alongside deeper concerns among many Muslims in the city, including the Police Department’s monitoring of their community since the Sept. 11 attacks. But the rally, held recently in a public school auditorium in Queens and organized in barely a week’s time, was a testament to how the city’s Muslim community is gaining a measure of political confidence.

Like all the major mayoral candidates in 2013, Bill de Blasio pledged to add the Muslim holidays to the school calendar. But since his election, he has declined to give specifics and has warned it will take time.

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NYT, predictably, carries an op-ed denouncing India’s BJP candidate: ‘Being Muslim under Narendra Modi’

Narendra Modi

AHMEDABAD, India — Late last month I bought an Indian comic book online. I hadn’t bought one since the mid-80s, when I was a boy and would walk to the bookstore in my hometown in Kashmir to pick up copies of D.C. and Marvel Comics, or Amar Chitra Katha, a series based on the lives of major contemporary, historical and mythological figures in India. My latest purchase, “Bal Narendra” (“Boy Narendra”), was styled after Amar Chitra Katha.

I turned the pages with a mixture of anticipation and foreboding. The book purports to tell stories from the childhood of Narendra Modi, the longtime chief minister of Gujarat, one of the richest states in India, and the polarizing Hindu nationalist candidate for prime minister in the ongoing election. The tales are part of Mr. Modi’s high-octane campaign effort to present himself as a bearer of good governance, growth and efficiency.

Bal Narendra, the son of a tea-seller in a small town of Gujarat, embodies many virtues: courage, wit, diligence, fairness, compassion. He sells tea at a village fair to raise money for flood victims. In devotion to the religious tradition of his village, he swims across a lake full of crocodiles and hoists a flag on top of a temple on an island. When some bullies rough up a weaker child at school, he marks them by throwing ink from his fountain pen on their shirts and denounces them to the principal.

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Thanks For Giving That Islamic Hell Hole My Tax Dollars Mr. Harper! Pakistan Christian Killed For Refusing To Convert To Islam

Yup, just keep sending my tax dollars to support this Islamic Hell Hole Prime Minister Harper. 


Pretend policing

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and his police commissioner, William Bratton, announced this week that they are ending the police department’s anti-terror surveillance program. How come?

They're not doing it because the war on terror is over or because New York is no longer a major target for jihadists—the Boston Marathon bombers had more explosives and were headed to the Big Apple next. Nor is the program being shut down because it's unlawful or anti-Muslim—as the New York Times reported Wednesday, “Last month, a federal judge in New Jersey dismissed a lawsuit over the department's surveillance there, saying Muslims could not prove they were harmed by the tactics.”

Rather, the program is being ended because it’s politically incorrect. Some Muslims and civil rights groups don’t like it, and Mr. de Blasio says dropping the program is “a critical step toward easing tensions between the police and the communities they serve.” The mayor and his allies used similar language to oppose stop-and-frisk, another politically incorrect police tactic that helped reduce crime.

And so what we’re left with is a kind of pretend policing. The New York Police Department will pretend that most terrorism doesn’t originate in Muslim communities and that blacks and Hispanics aren’t responsible for most violent crimes. Everyone knows this isn’t true, but in the name of “easing tensions,” we will make-believe otherwise.

* * *
“Community cohesion” is the phrase you’re looking for.


“It was not the wedding night you would expect at all.”

Husband tried to drown bride on honeymoon in Dubai


Video of Syrian Rebels Testing TOW Missiles - WSJ - Advanced US weapons flow to Syrian rebels

Advanced US weapons flow to Syrian rebels

"FSA got new Missiles TAU from Obama first test caught on camera"


Noted rich liberal to teach income inequality for a gigantic pile of cash.

Nice work if you can get it...


8 year old's learn about Adultery

That's education today.


Woman sues New Jersey for being denied ‘8THEIST’ license plate

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission denied this anti-religion license plate

A New Jersey woman claims she was denied a custom license plate proclaiming her an atheist is suing the state to have it made.

Shannon Morgan, of Maurice Township, said in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday that the Motor Vehicle Commission violated her First Amendment rights when its website rejected the plate reading ‘8THEIST’ because it was deemed potentially offensive.

Morgan claims she then then filled out the online application using the phrase ‘BAPTIST’ as a test and the government-run website accepted it.

But the state approved thislicense plate without reservation

The woman sent the agency a letter of complaint by registered mail and made several attempts to contact them by phone, all of which went unanswered, she claims in the suit.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is representing Morgan in the lawsuit.

The Washignton, D.C.-based group’s website says it is “dedicated to preserving the constitutional principle of church-state separation as the only way to ensure religious freedom for all Americans.”

Messages and emails left for the Motor Vehicle Commission on Friday were not returned.

A recorded message said the offices were closed in observance of Good Friday...

* * *
Looks like she’s got a case.


Somali pirate tries to go to Germany as refugee, gets twelve years in jail

The Marida Marguerite, seized by pirates in 2010

A German court has jailed a Somali pirate for 12 years over his role in the hijacking of a tanker in 2010. The man later tried to come to Germany as a refugee.

The 44-year-old man, who was not named, was found guilty of kidnapping and extortion charges on Thursday by a court in the north-western city of Osnabrück. The case was in relation to the May 2010 attack of the Marshall Islands-flagged ship Marida Marguerite by Somali pirates, off the coast of Oman.

The ship and its 22 crew-member hostages were eventually released in December of that year, after the German shipping company that owned the tanker paid a $5.5 million (€3.97 million) ransom.

"After four months of extensive evidence gathering, the court is convinced that the 44-year-old Somali was a leading member of the pirates who kidnapped a chemical tanker," the court said in a statement.

During the ordeal, the mostly Indian crew suffered "cruel treatment, torture and mock executions." The court said a shot was fired next to the captain's head, the chief engineer was handcuffed and suspended by a pipe, and some crew had their genitals tied with cable binders.

The court said the accused received a significant part of the ransom money. He was arrested in May 2013 when he sought asylum while at a refugee camp in the city of Giessen. He was identified by his fingerprints, taken from the vessel and from documents left on board by the pirates...


Abu Hamza used Finsbury Park mosque to recruit terrorists for Jihad, court told

A mosque you say? Used to recruit terrorists? Shocking! 

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California cop shoots self in leg while trying to kill family dog


Dog Calmly Playing With Kids After Cop Shoots Himself Trying To Kill it


Bad Easter Bunnies...

More delightful pics...

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Air Canada investigates baggage drop video

Air Canada says it has launched an investigation after one of its passengers posted a video online that shows a baggage handler dropping bags from the top of a staircase to a baggage bin below.


Palestinians aim wrath at (PA) minister who condemned Passover murder of Israeli

I guess he's just not being evil enough for them.


Today in Socialist Douchebaggery....

Francois Hollande's chief spin doctor resigns after it emerges he kept 30 PAIRS of handmade shoes at Elysee and had them professionally polished on taxpayers' money


Why I believe aliens landed in a Suffolk forest

I love a good UFO yarn, the 'Rendlesham Forest Incident' is the Brit equivalent of the Roswell case.

Just once, just once though I'd like to see some physical evidence.

Still with the talk of Multiple Dimensions having moved from the pages of science fiction to what is now almost a mere math problem, you just can't say no - absolutely.


She don't hear so good


‘Hate speech’, not Europe, tops agenda in French EU vote

BRUSSELS - On 4 April, Marine Le Pen, the head of the Front National, France's far-right party, said that her party “will not accept any religious demands for school menus.”

Her comment came in the context of a growing scandal over the choice of menus in food canteens.

This could have been a legitimate statement if there were official demands based on religious beliefs. But this is not the case. So a few days later Le Pen was forced to add that she meant to “ban the ban [sic] on pork in school canteens.”

The last decade has seen an increasingly heated debate over laïcité, which, in law, refers to the separation of the Church and the State – enforced in France in 1905...


Gramsci's Middle-Class, Leftist Hegemony

One explicit way in which Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) stated that he believed that no revolution would be forthcoming in Europe was when he said that power is not something which you can “seize” in a revolution. In other words, Gramsci never talked about the “seizure of State power”. Despite that, in a certain sense he did believe in seizing state power; though not through violent revolution. Instead, to use his words, he talked of “becoming State”. That is, the middle-class Marxist vanguard - on behalf on the working class (of course) - would become the state. 


GCSEs and A-levels ‘scheduled to take account of Ramadan’

Exam chiefs are considering scheduling GCSEs and A-levels to accommodate the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, it was announced today.

The Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents exam boards, said it could run large-entry tests in the morning to prevent Muslim pupils being forced to take them when they are hungry.

It is believed that the move will affect subjects such as English and maths in 2015 which traditionally cater for the largest number of pupils.

The move comes as members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers called on examiners to take account of the impact of Ramadan when Muslims are supposed to fast during daylight hours.

It is feared that it will be harder for pupils to concentrate and “perform at their very best” because the holy month begins in mid-June next year when GCSEs and A-levels are often scheduled.

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Gavin Boby at the 1st Intl Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia

Gavin Boby - UK planning attorney and director of The British Law and Freedom Centre, an organisation assisting community groups (pro bono) faced with inappropriate planning applications for mosques in their neighbourhood. Gavin has spoken in the EU, parliament, Canada and Australia in 2012. His written monograph is titled "Life without Politicians."

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Evening photo: Aurora in Iceland

The aurora borealis at Vopnafjörður, Iceland. Picture: Fabian Neyer/Astronomy Photographer of the Year.


This is what Muslim immigration has wrought in the UK: State schools discriminate against non-Muslims

Schools in Birmingham are illegally segregating pupils, discriminating against non-Muslim students and restricting the GCSE syllabus to “comply with conservative Islamic teaching”, an official report leaked to The Telegraph discloses.

Department for Education inspectors said that girls in a school at the centre of the so-called “Trojan Horse” plot were forced to sit at the back of the class, some Christian pupils were left to “teach themselves” and an extremist preacher was invited to speak to children.

The report, into three schools in the city, follows weeks of controversy over the alleged plot to “Islamise” secular schools in Birmingham and will lead to calls for intervention. The report focuses on Park View School and its sister schools, Golden Hillock and Nansen, the only primary of the three. Inspectors found that Park View practised forced and discriminatory sex segregation and has “restricted” GCSE subjects “to comply with conservative Islamic teaching”.

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Egypt foils bid to smuggle Jewish antiquities

A handout picture released by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities shows antique censers with Hebrew inscriptions

Egypt has foiled an attempt to smuggle out of the country Jewish antiquities used during religious ceremonies, the antiquities ministry said on Friday.

The artefacts were discovered in the Mediterranean city of Damietta as they were about to be shipped to Belgium, a ministry statement said.

Among them are 11 wooden cases for the Torah, Judaism's holy book, four censers bearing Hebrew inscriptions, a silver crown decorated with stars of David and a silver knife, it said.

An antique Jewish silver crown decorated with Hebrew inscriptions and the Star of David

“We don't know where they came from. They are not registered with the ministry, despite all being antiquities and more than a century old,” ministry official Tarek Zaher told AFP.

“It seems they were taken from synagogues, as they are all related to Jewish worship rituals.”

Estimates of Egypt's Jewish population range from about 200 to a few dozen, mostly elderly women, a fraction of the 80,000-strong community whose members were expelled or left in the early 1950s.

Now linked to the Israeli-Arab conflict, whose beginnings coincided with the Jewish community's decline, the subject of Jewish heritage in Egypt has been all but suppressed.

* * *
What does Egypt want with them anyway?


The settled science of 'rape culture'

What a strange approach to a public debate. There is a subset of today’s activist movement that seems straight out of Orwell.

These are the adherents of the New Activism who believe that the most pressing issue of our time is the vaguely defined phenomenon “rape culture.”

You can’t object to their talking points. There is no room for dissent. Even if you simply speak about the issue without using the approved lingo, they’ll try to shut you down.


Life with Brian

A look back at three years of Byline and interviews with the show's producers.


University president calls the number of white students on campus a ‘failure,’ asks for ideas on how to be ‘not as white’

Western Washington University's Bruce Shephard

The president of a Seattle university has come under fire from conservatives for asking students how to make the campus less white.

In a controversial questionnaire making the rounds of Western Washington University, President Bruce Shephard asked students, “How do we make sure that in future years we are not as white as we are today?”

Shephard has been vocal about his goal of creating a more diverse faculty and student body since he took office six years ago...


Gee what a surprise! France has its own Muslim infiltration of the school system scandal

NB Google Translate: This document, thick fifteen pages, dated November 28, is peppered with about 70 accurate examples throughout France. All are indicative and sometimes surreal. Dissecting scalpel under a phenomenon of might "destabilize the teaching staff" "isolated initiatives", police reveal how the followers of the "legalistic Islamic tradition 'attempt to circumvent the March 2004 law banning religious symbols in schools . Engaged in a "war of attrition" against which the faculty is resourceless, self-proclaimed "young guardians of orthodoxy" exercise the same within certain establishments pressure on Muslim girls. "In the Muslim holidays, especially during the Eid-el-Kebir, classes are abandoned by students," said the report reveals absenteeism bordering 90% in sensitive areas of Nimes and Toulouse.

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Interview with Syrian Jihadi goes off narrative...


Guardian: Rashida Manjoo is right about British sexism – even if it is worse elsewhere

Rashida Manjoo, a South African human rights “expert”

This week Rashida Manjoo, UN special rapporteur on violence against women, delivered a statement following her 16-day mission to the UK.

She praised elements of good practice and progress relating to violence against women, but also expressed serious concerns about gender inequality in the UK, from sexual bullying in schools to “negative and over-sexualised media portrayals of women and girls.”

The overwhelming response to Manjoo’s statement from many social commentators and media outlets perfectly confirmed her concerns about the pervasiveness of sexism, by demonstrating that many in the UK are not only reluctant to tackle it, but simply refuse to acknowledge it at all...


Venezuelans Celebrate Holy Week with Christian Prayer for End of Socialism

The protests against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela have taken a Christian turn this week as the mostly Catholic nation celebrates its greatest holiday. Students in Caracas yesterday performed the series of prayers known as the Stations of the Cross dedicated to a democratic nation, with prayers for an end to socialism.


Awesome cat escapes burning building, can fly

Fast forward to 3:45

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Pakistani Islamist group: plan to close madressas shows that gov’t in hands of “secular rulers who act at the behest of their Jewish masters”

Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, leader of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl

KARACHI: Leaders of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) on Thursday staged a rally to protest against what they called a move to ban madressahs in Sindh and said they would establish seminaries at the Bilawal House and the Sindh chief minister’s home in Khairpur “if needed”.

A large number of people — most of them belonging to the seminaries of Karachi — gathered near the Gurumandir roundabout, walked for a few furlongs and staged a demonstration. The organisers alleged that the government did not allow them to march towards the Tibet Centre, where most political and religious parties often hold their rallies.

The speakers threatened the government of grave consequences in their speeches, prompting the participants in the rally to chant slogans. They claimed that the country was in the hands of “secular rulers who acted at the behest of their Jewish masters”.

Maulana Ataur Rehman, a JUI-F leader and younger brother of the party’s chief, said the Sindh government’s plans would never materialise as such plans had been envisaged in the past as well and thwarted.

He asked the Sindh government to review its plans and claimed that what the government and its provincial assembly were doing was against Islam and the 1973 constitution...


Great Idea, Ibrahim Hooper!

"Please find something that CAIR has done or said in those 20 years that you find either extreme, objectionable, intolerant, whatever," Hooper said.


Letter to Jews in Ukraine fake but anti-Semitism is not

In Donetsk, Ukraine, masked men reportedly handed out a letter requiring Jews to register with the government, report all their property or they would lose their citizenship and be deported. Thankfully, by all accounts, the letter is a fake.
The fact that there is no official movement by the government to persecute the Jews in the Ukraine is a relief, however the anti-Semitism and urge to resort to the old familiar scapegoating does exist and is worrisome.

Who actually came up with this plan to harass the Jews of Donetsk?


Hooray! We're Number 195!

Out of 150.

But who's counting.

The Top 150 Conservative Websites


Freed terrorist: Israel interfered with my stamp-collecting

Issa Abd Rabbo speaks about the murder he committed during an interview on Ma’an TV

Palestinians have long accused Israel of a range of human rights violations. But recently freed Palestinian terrorist Issa Abd Rabbo came up with a new one - infringing on his philatelic rights while he was incarcerated, keeping him from attaining high quality stamps and “special albums.”

Abd Rabbo was released from an Israeli prison in October 2013 as part of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. He was serving two life sentences for murdering two Israelis, Ron Levi and Revital Seri, as they were hiking south of Jerusalem in 1984

Abd Rabbo happened upon the two university students as they rested under a pine tree. He tied them up at gunpoint, covered their heads with bags and fatally shot them both.

According to a Palestinian Media Watch translation, Abd Rabbo told Al Hayat al Jadida, a PA daily newspaper, in an April 8 interview, ‘I’m proud of the stamps I collected in prison, but it was difficult for me to pursue [my] hobby in prison, because there were many restrictions, few letters arrived, and the quality of the stamps. Prison also affects our hobbies, and I had no special albums to put the stamps in properly, so I put them in an envelope – the same one that left prison with me...’”


Weird Easter Traditions



Watch as Anti-NRA Protester Explains Why You Shouldn’t Be Able to Protect Yourself With a Gun If Your Life Is in Danger

Soon all the ugly, weird, geriatric hippies will be dead. Of course by then it will be too late.

via The Blaze

(Dan Joseph is hilarious, BTW.)


Iran gets an unlikely visitor, an American plane, but no one seems to know why

Despite complex trade rules against doing business with Iran, a corporate jet with a small American flag turned up in Tehran

President Obama has warned that Iran is not open for business, even as the United States has loosened some of its punishing economic sanctions as part of an interim nuclear pact.

Yet, on Tuesday morning, Iran had an unlikely visitor: a plane, owned by the Bank of Utah, a community bank in Ogden that has 13 branches throughout the state. Bearing a small American flag on its tail, the aircraft was parked in a highly visible section of Mehrabad Airport in Tehran.

But from there, the story surrounding the plane, and why it was in Iran — where all but a few United States and European business activities are prohibited — grows more mysterious.

While federal aviation records show the plane is held in a trust by the Bank of Utah, Brett King, one of its executives in Salt Lake City, said, “We have no idea why that plane was at that airport.”

He said that the Bank of Utah acted as a trustee for investors who have a financial stake in the plane and that the bank was investigating further.

UPDATE from Al-Monitor, thanks to Drunk by Noon.
The mystery of a US-registered plane spotted at a Tehran airport this week and reported on by the New York Times has apparently been solved.

The US-registered Bombardier corporate jet, carrying the registration number N604EP, is owned and operated by a Ghana-based engineering firm, an aviation expert said Friday. The visitors it bought to Iran last week were senior Ghanaian officials, an Iranian foreign ministry spokeswoman said Friday.
The US plane seen in Iran was chartered by Ghanaian officials, no American was on board, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told Iranian media Friday, Mojtaba Mousavi and Shargh newspaper reported.

Tyler Bowron, an aviation expert at Cerretanni Aviation group in Boulder, Colorado, told Al-Monitor that the company that in fact owns and operates the plane is called Engineers and Planners, based in Accra, Ghana.

The Ghana firm “owns and operates” the plane, Bowron told Al-Monitor. “They are the owners of the airplane.” Bank of Utah, which is listed on Federal Aviation Agency documents as the trustee for the 22-seat corporate jet, “is just the trustee,” Bowron said. “They have nothing to do with it.”

The New York Times first reported Thursday on the mystery of the US “N-registered” plane seen by the paper at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport on Tuesday. The Blaze first reported Bowron’s identification of the Ghana firm that owns and operates the plane.
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There is no fun in Islam

Must be a couple of apostates.


Islamophobes show off severed Muslim heads

Oh wait a minute...


Avalanche kills 12 in single deadliest accident on Mount Everest

Kathmandu, Nepal (CNN) -- A high-altitude avalanche Friday killed 12 Sherpa guides and seriously wounded three in the single deadliest accident on Mount Everest, officials said.

Four others are missing, said Madhu Sudan Burlakoti of Nepal's Tourism Ministry, adding that six people were injured in total.

A group of about 50 people, mostly Nepali Sherpas, were hit by the avalanche at more than 20,000 feet, said Tilak Ram Pandey of the ministry's mountaineering department.

The avalanche took place just above base camp in the Khumbu Ice Fall.

The climbers were accounted for, Pandey said. "Rescue teams have gone ... to look for the missing..."


UK: Ed Miliband calls in Obama's election guru David Axelrod to lead 2015 campaign, spells his name wrong

Labour website misspells new strategic adviser's name - it named his as Alexrod, instead of Axelrod

Labour have hired a spin doctor credited with masterminding Barack Obama’s election victories but in an embarrassing blunder misspelled his name on the press release announcing his appointment.

David Axelrod, a former top political adviser to Bill Clinton who helped propel the current US President into the White House and keep him there, confirmed his surprise new job with the Labour Party last night.

In a brief interview yesterday Mr Axelrod indicated he had signed up to Ed Miliband’s message about the ‘cost of living crisis’ and believed the Labour leader had a chance of winning next year’s General Election.

The move will be seen in some quarters as a last roll of the dice for Mr Miliband, whose lead in the polls has fallen in recent weeks...


U.S. extends Keystone XL comment period, delaying final decision

(Reuters) - The U.S. State Department announced on Friday it is extending the government comment period on the Keystone XL pipeline, a move that likely postpones a final decision on the controversial project until after the November 4 mid-term elections.

President Barack Obama has said he will make a final decision on whether to allow the pipeline connecting Canada's oil sands region to Texas refiners and several government agencies had been given until the end of May to weigh in. This had raised expectations of a final decision by mid-year.

However on Friday officials cited uncertainty stemming from a dispute in Nebraska over the proposed route of the pipeline as reason to keep the federal agency comment period open longer, throwing into doubt the timing of a project that has been awaiting a U.S. permit for more than five years...


Does traditional college debate reinforce white privilege?

Members of the Wiley College debate team present arguments during a practice session

It used to be that if you went to a college-level debate tournament, the students you’d see would be bookish future lawyers from elite universities, most of them white. In matching navy blazers, they’d recite academic arguments for and against various government policies. It was tame, predictable, and, frankly, boring.

No more.
“Separating debate is a bad move,” she said. “With the increase in minority participation came a range of different types of argument and perspectives, not just from the people who are in debate, but the kind of scholarship we bring in.” Her debate partner Ameena Ruffin agreed: “For them to tell us that we can’t bring our personal experience, it would literally be impossible. Not just for black people—it is true of everyone. We are always biased by who we are in any argument.”

Liberal law professors have been making this point for decades. “Various procedures—regardless of whether we're talking about debate formats or law—have the ability to hide the subjective experiences that shape these seemingly ‘objective’ and ‘rational’ rules,” said UC Hastings Law School professor Osagie Obasogie, who teaches critical race theory. “This is the power of racial subordination: making the viewpoint of the dominant group seem like the only true reality...”

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Mohammed Whitaker - Suspect in KC-area highway shooting charged with 18 counts in 9 incidents

Mohammed Whitaker, suspect in the Kansas City-area highway shootings, is charged with 18 felony counts covering nine incidents, Jackson County's prosecutor said Friday. Two counts are "A" felonies alleging he shot someone by firing into a motor vehicle. Seven are "B" felonies alleging he fired into a motor vehicle. The other nine counts accuse him of armed criminal action, Jean Peters Baker said.

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US: Regulating hateful speech won’t stop hateful crimes

First the terrible crime, then the terrible idea. In the wake of the Overland Park shooting spree of April 13, in which a neo-Nazi killed three people at a Jewish Community Center and a Jewish retirement home near Kansas City, the notion is being floated, yet again, that we might be able to stop such crimes if only we were less rigid about the Bill of Rights.

The shooter, who has gone by various names over the years but has usually been known as Glenn Miller, has a long history as a vocal white supremacist and anti-Semite.

This background prompted Emily Bazelon to write an essay in Slate headlined “A History of Hate” and subtitled “Could anything have been done to stop Frazier Glenn Miller?” Miller, she notes, posted frequently on Vanguard News Network, a website so drenched in malice toward nonwhites and Jews that it makes Stormfront look like Shalom Sesame.

Comparing America's legal tolerance for hateful speech with the more restrictive rules found in many other nations, Bazelon writes: “If you think we have the balance wrong, you have company...


Pakistan: Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) names library after Osama bin Laden

In this picture taken 28 March 2007, shows cleric Abdul Aziz (2-R) surrounded by guards as he stands on a roof of the Lal Masjid during a protest in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Jamia Hafsa, a religious school for women in the Pakistani capital Islamabad connected to the notorious Lal Masjid has renamed its library in honour of slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The seminary is run by controversial hardline cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz, the imam of the city's Lal Masjid (Red Mosque), once infamous as a hideout for hardliners with alleged militant links.

A student leaves a library named after slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden at a Jamia Hafsa seminary in Islamabad on April 17, 2014

The mosque was the scene of a week-long military siege against radicals during former military ruler Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s regime in 2007 which left more than 100 people dead and unleashed a wave of terrorist attacks across Pakistan.

Now the Jamia Hafsa seminary connected to it has named its small library, stocking Islamic texts, in honour of bin Laden, who masterminded the 9/11 attacks in the United States...


Blogwrath attended Rob Ford's Campaign launch

Looks like a fun time was had by all.


Scenarios of possible Canadian involvement in Syria revealed

Soldiers loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad pose with their weapons as they celebrating taking control of al-Sakhra village.

Internal documents obtained by a Canadian newspaper show that Ottawa has drawn up at least five scenarios in which it could be involved in the three-year Syrian conflict, including the deployment of Canadian Forces.

The Ottawa Citizen paper said on Monday that while Canada’s federal government has no official plans so far for the country to be dragged in the conflict, the National Defense has developed five scenarios to address the problem of “rapidly deteriorating conditions in Syria, its impact on neighboring countries and … the importance of Middle East stability.”

Military intervention is included in one of the potential scenarios, per the existence of is “a legitimate armed opposition group has been recognized” by Canada.

The scenarios rest on the several assumptions, such as the Syrian government remains “defiant,” and include possible outcomes for each plan, including those “most likely” and the “worst case...”


Teachers are the sort of people who shouldn't be allowed near kids

I ain't no fancy big-city psychiatrist (thank God), but I'm sure of this: telling a child that s/he is not allowed to feel anger is a spectacularly efficient way to f*ck him/her up.

I mean really, what is with these weirdos and "bullying" all of a sudden?


Cody Wilson: Happiness is a 3-D Printed Gun

"Legal encapsulation is not effectively possible," declares Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, makers of the world's first gun made via 3D printing technology. "So it's fun to kind of challenge the state to greater and greater levels of its own hyper-statism."


I really feel like knife skills – not just in the kitchen, but in life – are really critical. — Timothy Ferriss

Humans have survived and become the dominant species on Earth as they are living, intelligent beings who apply their ingenuity in making and using tools. From the Stone Age on, humans fashioned an array of tools, of which blades were and are a primary implement. In the Stone Age, there were individuals who mastered the craft of knapping flint to form knives, spears and arrowheads for hunting and butchering game. In time, humans mastered metallurgy, fashioning knives, swords, spears and arrowheads first from bronze and finally iron. In ancient Mesoamerica, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, fashioned blades from obsidian. In the present day, knives are mostly made from a blend of carbon steel and stainless steel. Knives are a common household item found in the kitchens in every home. Together with their use as common household items, knives are still used for hunting and warfare. With a sharp edge and pointed tip, the knife has to be handled with care. It can inflict a nasty wound if handled carelessly or with malice.


Pope washes feet of disabled, including elderly Muslim

Pope Francis (L) kisses the foot of a man as he performs a traditional ceremony as part of the Holy Week on April 17, 2014 in Rome.

Pope Francis washed the feet of a dozen elderly and disabled people including a Libyan Muslim during an Easter ritual in Rome on Thursday imitating Jesus Christ’s humility.

The 77-year-old bent down with difficulty to wash and kiss the feet of the nine Italians and three foreigners aged between 16 and 86 years old at the Don Carlo Gnocchi foundation’s Santa Maria della Provvidenza centre.

Francis arrived in a Ford Focus to cheers from crowds and stopped to speak with elderly and disabled people gathered at the center’s modern Church in Rome’s suburbs, before picking up a silver urn of water and a white towel, and kneeling in front of the chosen 12.


Honey Badger Don't Care For ChowTory - How Toronto Mayor Rob Ford could win again

Ford supporters are just like Honey Badger, we hate Toronto's leftist council spendthrifts so much We don't Care. 


TorStar: Human smuggler or modern-day Robin Hood?

ISTANBUL—In the Aksaray neighbourhood of Istanbul, in one of the countless Turkish coffee shops crammed into one of the countless winding streets, you can meet with Abo Khalil and buy your new identity.
He began our meeting by voicing his negative opinion of western governments. The West, he says, has stood by complicit and watched as Syrians have engaged in a bloody civil war that has left more than 150,000 dead and displaced millions. Another 180,000 are missing inside Syrian prisons.

If America and Canada won’t help stop the conflict, at least they could open their borders to Syrians and offer them all asylum, not just the educated ones, he argues.
“Your governments — America and Canada — your leaders, they are warlords. They operate like the mafia, but with permission,” says Khalil, a Syrian...

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Idiot Oxford City Councillor apologises after Passion Play it 'mistook for live sex show' is cancelled

The council’s licensing team leader, Julian Alison, said he was sorry this year's event had been cancelled, the Oxford Times reported.

“I would like to apologise for a wrong decision that I made late on Friday afternoon in relation to the planned Passion Play on Cowley Road,” he said.


FBI uncovers Al-Qaeda plot to just sit back and enjoy collapse of United States [satire]

A recent al-Qaeda video shows a militant training to carry out his mission of lying back and watching America’s status as a superpower erode

WASHINGTON—Putting the nation on alert against what it has described as a “highly credible terrorist threat,” the FBI announced today that it has uncovered a plot by members of al-Qaeda to sit back and enjoy themselves while the United States collapses of its own accord.

Multiple intelligence agencies confirmed that the militant Islamist organization and its numerous affiliates intend to carry out a massive, coordinated plan to stand aside and watch America’s increasingly rapid decline, with terrorist operatives across the globe reportedly mobilizing to take it easy, relax, and savor the spectacle as it unfolds...

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Video - Well targetted mortar round...I think he lost more than his hat



Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D) who said Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is an ‘Uncle Tom’ for being married to a white woman believes men should be allowed to marry mules

Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes

I’m for same-sex marriage. I’m the one that introduced the bill to have same-sex marriage. I don’t care who marry [sic] who.

If a man meet[s] a little mule and he wanna get married to the little mule, as long as he and the little mule get along all right, that’s fine with me. It doesn’t bother me any kind of way.

I think Justice Thomas on the United States Supreme Court is an Uncle Tom.

A black man allowed himself to be used to carry the message of a white man, which is against the interests of black people in America. In my opinion, that’s an Uncle Tom. In my opinion, Clarence Thomas is a very prolific Uncle Tom...

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Anti-Semitic Violence, Neo-Nazis and the Anti-Israel Left

A Neo-Nazi site might seem like a surprising place for a Nation Institute fellow, but there was plenty of overlap between VNN and the Anti-Israel left when it came to the Jewish State. It would be easy to dismiss the collision between the radical son of Bill Clinton’s senior advisor and a violent extremist, but the popularity of Blumenthal’s work at VNN was not accidental.

Blumenthal is mentioned over 300 times at VNN; mostly for his attacks on Jews and Israel. VNN members eagerly ate up Blumenthal’s conspiracy theories about Israel and every bit of negative reporting about Jews. One Blumenthal video even suggested that Rabbis were plotting to kill non-Jewish children.


Rev. Franklin Graham: Those who want to practice Sharia law, ‘go back to where you came from’

“And I would say to Muslims in this country, if they want to practice Shariah law, go back to where you came from, to those nations that recognize Shariah law,” Graham said. “But we have our own laws here.”


Happy Easter! Muslim-majority nations are doing to followers of Jesus what they did to the Jews.

The Middle East may be the birthplace of three monotheistic religions, but some Arab nations appear bent on making it the burial ground for one of them.

 For 2,000 years, Christian communities dotted the region, enriching the Arab world with literature, culture and commerce. At the turn of the 20th century, Christians made up 26% of the Middle East's population. Today, that figure has dwindled to less than 10%. Intolerant and extremist governments are driving away the Christian communities that have lived in the Middle East since their faith was born.

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Can we ditch Multiculturalism already? - Alleged Canadian citizen, Mahmoud Ahmed Abdou reported killed in Syria

The Syrian army reported (April 8, 2014) that military forces operating in the southern rural area of the district of Idlib (ريف إدلب الجنوبي) in the villages of al-Hamidiya (الحميدية) and Kufr Sajanah (كفرسجنة), managed to kill several insurgents, including the following foreigners: the Turkish Ali Ibrahim (علي إبراهيم), the Afghans Taysir Muhammad al-Hamed (تيسير محمد الحامد), Yahya Mahmoud al-Namal (يحيى محمود النمل) and Ahmed Nimr al-Shawish (أحمد نمر الشاويش), the Canadian Mahmoud Ahmed Abdou (محمود أحمد عبدو) and the Chadian Juma’a Ali Hubaish (جمعة علي حبيش). Three other persons, most probably Syrian nationals, were also reported killed in this operation: Ahmed Omar Bakour (أحمد عمر بكور), Tard Musarat (طرد مصرات) and Ahmed Muhammad Alwani (أحمد محمد علواني).

Source link using Google translate - "The source said that the units of the Army and Armed Forces ruled on a number of foreign terrorists by targeting their hideouts in Hamidiya and Kvrsjna Idleb countryside south.

The source said that among the terrorists killed Ali Ibrahim Turkish nationality and facilitating Mohammed Hamed and Yahya Mahmoud ants and Ahmad Nimer Shawish "Afghans" and Mahmoud Ahmed Abdo Canadian citizenship and F Ali Hubaysh Chadian nationality..."


Interviewing Kathy Shaidle About Her New Ebook, “Confessions of A Failed Slut”

John Hawkins interviews K here.

Captain Capitalism here.

Redmond Weissenberger here.


JDL Hosts Moshe Feiglin May 6 2014

Details and tickets here.


Canada concerned about Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Canada on Thursday said it was concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt following the military-backed ouster of President Mohamed Mursi last July Al Arabiya reported


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