Israeli-Arab Christians protest against Hamas

A group of Israeli-Arab Christians marched in Haifa last night against the persecution of Christian Arabs in the world, against radical Islamic organizations such as Hamas, and in favor of Israel’s military operation...


If Hamas commits the same atrocities as the Nazis, will the world still demand that Israel stop attacking them?


Greenfield: Obama: My Muslim family’s polygamy was empowering

Well now that we’ve gotten gay marriage out of the way, next stop is polygamy station. Consider this a little trial balloon...


Evening photo: Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Photo by George Karbus.


Bernard-Henri Levy: The ugly tide washing across Europe - WSJ

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris take part in a demonstration against the military action in Gaza in July. Getty Images

About the crowds on Friday in Paris chanting "Palestine will overcome" and "Israel, assassin": Where were they a few days earlier when news broke that over the previous weekend Syria's civil war had produced 720 more dead, adding to the 150,000 others who have not had the honor of demonstrations in France?

Why did the protesters not pour into the streets when, a few days before that, the well-informed Syrian Network for Human Rights revealed that so far this year Damascus's army, which was supposed to have destroyed its supply of chemical weapons, carried out at least 17 gas attacks around Kafrzyta, Talmanas, Atshan and elsewhere?

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Terrorism and Islam are not linked, says Tanzanian Muslim cleric

Dar es Salaam Region Chief Sheikh, Alhad Musa Salum.

Islam should not be linked to the terror attacks that have been gaining momentum in Tanzania and in other areas in the world, the Dar es Salaam Region Chief Sheikh, Alhad Musa Salum, said in the city on Tuesday.

He pointed out that a Muslim found to have participated in any terror operation should be judged individually instead of connecting the act with his faith.

Speaking at the Idd el-Fitr prayers held on Tuesday at national level at the Mnazi Mmoja Grounds in Dar es Salaam, Sheikh Salum noted that Islam is a religion of peace, and preaching peace has been a top item on its agenda.

Nice try, Sheikh, but it seems a lot of Muslims have different ideas: Religion of Peace Bombathon scorecard

He observed that recent bomb attacks that rocked several parts of the country must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

“There is a thick line between Islam and terrorism; they are not the same. Being a Muslim does not mean you are a terrorist, this is a thing that we must all understand,” he stressed.

Mr Salum observed that the religion has been preaching love, unity and respects to all people regardless of their religious affiliations.

“It is a misguided mentality… linking Islam and these bomb attacks or any other kind of terror activity. Doing so is not correct. We hate terrorism and we are in the forefront in opposing it, we will always do this,” he vowed...


Kurdish oil dispute: Tanker seized near Galveston, Texas and now a judges says it is ‘out of US ruling’

A still image from video taken by a US Coast Guard aircraft shows the oil tanker United Kalavyrta that is carrying a cargo of Kurdish crude oil. REUTERS photo

A high-stakes dispute over a tanker carrying $100 million in Iraqi Kurdish crude took a surprising turn when a U.S. judge said she lacked jurisdiction given the ship’s distance from the Texas shore and urged that the case be settled in Iraq.

Federal magistrate Nancy K. Johnson said that because the tanker was some 60 miles (100 kilometers) offshore, and outside territorial waters, an order she issued on the late hours of July 28 for U.S. Marshals to seize the cargo could not be enforced. She said the dispute between Iraq’s central government and the autonomous region of Kurdistan should be resolved in Iraq.

Overnight Johnson signed an order directing the marshals to seize the 1 million barrels of crude from the United Kalavyrta tanker anchored in the Gulf of Mexico. She scheduled a conference to give the two sides a chance to state their case on July 29.

The ship could simply sail away, though it also could offload its cargo for delivery to another U.S. Gulf of Mexico port outside of Texas, lawyers said.

Baghdad’s lawyers had laid claim to the oil in a lawsuit filed on July 28, saying Kurdistan sold the crude without permission from the central government.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said July 30 it had sent a letter to a U.S. court in Texas over the seizure attempt. In the letter, the KRG asserts that Baghdad has failed to fulfil its obligations in Kurdistan, boosting the region’s need to export oil as it contends with the influx of more than one million refugees in recent months due to violence sparked by Islamic State insurgents...


Militant Islamists shoot dead Muslim woman for refusing to wear a veil in Somalia

A Muslim woman has been shot dead by militant Islamists for refusing to wear a veil, her relatives have claimed.

The woman was killed outside her hut near the southern Somali town of Hosingow by gunmen belonging to the al-Shabab group, they said.


Germany’s crusade to hush hate speech

A photo from a recent demonstration in Stuttgart. See more photos and a video from this event at Politically Incorrect

German government officials have vowed to clamp down on public anti-Semitic language, responding to recent demonstrations and speeches in which protesters called for death to Jews.

“If anyone uses demonstrations to spread anti-Semitic slogans he will have to bear the consequences of this abuse,” said Frank Henkel, the representative of the Berlin government in charge of the Berlin police, “The police will act against all anti-Semitic utterances.”
The Berlin police have been criticized for not acting more effectively against such demonstrators. Sheikh Abu Bilal Ismail, speaking at the Al Nur mosque in Berlin, called upon Allah to “destroy the Zionist Jews,” according to a translation of his speech by the pro-Israel group MEMRI. “Count them and kill them to the very last one,” said the sheikh. “Don’t spare a single one of them. . . . Make them suffer terribly.”

The mosque is a Salafist stronghold known for its militant brand of Islam and active in converting Germans...


Tower Hamlets is longer part of the UK: Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets orders the Palestinian flag to fly over town hall ‘in solidarity with Gaza’

Tower Hamlets's Muslim mayor Lutfur Rahman has prompted angry protests after raising the Palestinian flag over the town hall “in solidarity with Gaza.”

Just 24 hours after it emerged Mr Rahman is to face trial over claims he committed widespread voting fraud, he ordered the flag to fly “in support of a ceasefire and peace.”

Jewish leaders condemned the move as “destructive” for community relations as local residents said the council should concentrate on “potholes and bins” and not international conflicts.

Mr Rahman was a member of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party and was its candidate to be the first directly elected mayor of the borough in 2010.

He was expelled from the Labour party after allegations surfaced about his close links with an Islamic extremist group called the Islamic Forum of Europe.

He is accused of using illegal tactics to win the mayoral election in Tower Hamlets, East London, in May...


NYT: So many Arab states are ‘effectively’ allied with Israel that Kerry had to turn to the lunatics of Turkey and Qatar for mediators

CAIRO — Battling Palestinian militants in Gaza two years ago, Israel found itself pressed from all sides by unfriendly Arab neighbors to end the fighting.
Not this time.

After the military ouster of the Islamist government in Cairo last year, Egypt has led a new coalition of Arab states — including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan — that has effectively lined up with Israel in its fight against Hamas, the Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip. That, in turn, may have contributed to the failure of the antagonists to reach a negotiated cease-fire even after more than three weeks of bloodshed.

“The Arab states’ loathing and fear of political Islam is so strong that it outweighs their allergy to Benjamin Netanyahu,” the prime minister of Israel, said Aaron David Miller, a scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington and a former Middle East negotiator under several presidents. “I have never seen a situation like it, where you have so many Arab states acquiescing in the death and destruction in Gaza and the pummeling of Hamas. The silence is deafening.”

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Douglas Murray - Anti-Semitism and Israel

In this week’s Spectator, Melanie Phillips suggests that anti-Semitism is on the rise, fueled by the events in the Middle East. Douglas Murray and Ben Soffa, Secretary of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, discuss whether this is the case...


This Is Islam. IDF Forces Find & Destroy Terror Tunnel In Gaza Mosque


What the local media missed: Days of Rage in Boston

For the past few weeks, Boston has been the scene of several anti-Israel rallies. Protesters at these rallies have demonized Israel and its supporters in some pretty ugly ways.

The rallies have been organized by a loose coalition of activists from groups such as Grassroots International and Jewish Voice for Peace. LGBTQ activists, union members and activists from the local Muslim community have also participated in these rallies.

Local television stations and newspapers have inaccurately described the participants at these rallies as “pro-Palestinian.”

The message espoused by activists at these rallies is not “pro-Palestinian,” but anti-Israel and in some instances, anti-Jewish.

In addition to promoting the cause of Palestinian nationalism, they have demonized Israel, called for its destruction, and whitewashed acts of terror perpetrated by Hamas, a genocidal organization dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

And in some instances, protesters carried signs that were explicitly antisemitic. As the images posted below reveal, the notion that Israel is a pariah state became an increasingly important theme as the rallies progressed.

While one pro-Israel protester was assaulted on July 11, 2014, the hostility evident in the streets of Boston has, thankfully not approached what we have seen in Los Angeles, Berlin or Paris, where violence has erupted.

Nevertheless, the animus evident at these events in Boston has been ratcheted up with each successive rally and march...

More photos at the link.

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Arrest Warrant Out for 2 Australian Jihadists Involved in Posting Decapitated Heads Photo

The Australian federal police have issued warrants of arrest for two Aussie jihadists accused of fighting with the Islamic States. The two, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, were also behind the posting of a viral photo in Twitter showing Elomar holding two decapitated heads.


Exposing the anti-Israel media bias

On Thursday at 11 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. PT Sun News Network is presenting a must watch hour of television.


Toronto police Chief Bill Blair's contract won't be renewed

Toronto's police board decided today not to appoint Bill Blair to a third term as chief of the force, meaning that a search for his successor will soon be underway.

Blair had sought to renew his contract, but the board decided to go in a different direction after his second term expires in April.


IRS official Lois Lerner called conservatives ‘crazies’ and ‘a**holes’ but no action from Holder

Former senior IRS official Lois Lerner had deeply held political biases while she was in a position of authority, according to Republican lawmakers who unveiled emails on Wednesday showing her referring to conservatives as “crazies” and “a**holes.”

Michigan Rep. Dave Camp, who chairs the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder to demand what he called “a serious investigation” – something he said has been lacking.

Camp wants Holder to appoint an outside special counsel to probe the culture of the IRS and explain why hundreds of conservative groups were subjected to intrusive questioning and years-long delays when they applied for nonprofit tax benefits – steps that were not taken against liberal organizations...


US weapons for Afghans may end up with Taliban: audit

Washington and Kabul have failed to keep track of hundreds of thousands of weapons provided to Afghanistan, raising the risk that some could end up in the hands of insurgents, a US audit said Monday.

The United States also had delivered more weapons than Afghan forces now needed, partly because Kabul officials had revised their requests over time, the report said.

Since 2004, the American military has delivered more than 747,000 AK-47 rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and other weapons to Afghan forces worth about $626 million.

But the US and Afghan governments have botched record-keeping for the weapons, with potentially tens of thousands of assault rifles and other arms unaccounted for, according to the findings of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

"Given the Afghan government's limited ability to account for or properly dispose of weapons, there is a real potential for these weapons to fall into the hands of insurgents," the report said...


Iraq struggles to halt jihadis’ march on Baghdad

Iraqis inspect the damage to a Fallujah mosque on Monday after an airstrike. European Pressphoto Agency

BAGHDAD—Last week, the Iraqi army said it had retaken a town the government said was a base for Sunni jihadists.

Baghdad's stated victory was short-lived.

Two days later, Sunni extremists from the Islamic State drove five Humvees into the town, Jurf al-Sakhar, and blew themselves and others up, setting off a new round of fighting to control the town.

On Monday, the government's retaliatory airstrikes killed 27 people, a local security official said.

The fight for Jurf al-Sakhar within what U.S. forces in Iraq once called the "Triangle of Death"—a major combat zone during the American occupation—shows how Iraqi forces are struggling to stave off the insurgents encroaching on the capital.

While in the north the government has blunted the Islamic State's drive toward the capital beyond Tikrit, the militants are pushing the frontline toward Baghdad from the south.

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Muslim parallel universe extends beyond life: Imam cancels funeral and reprimands widow over ‘interfaith’ burial plan

The “interfaith” section of a graveyard

My father-in-law, Abdullah Khadim Husain...suddenly died of heart failure a couple of months ago while visiting one of his children in Virginia. Although he did have a history of heart disease, he was apparently in good health, which is why his demise came as a total shock.

Since most of his children now reside in the US, it was decided to bury him at the National Memorial Park in Falls Church, Virginia instead of taking the body back to Pakistan...

The question, however, came up as to what section of the cemetery should be used as his grave site as there were designated sections for Muslims, Christians, Buddhists etcetera and an “inter-faith” section where deceased of all faiths are buried. My mother-in-law chose the inter-faith section.
A cleric from a local mosque was contracted to officiate the burial service and time was set for the burial... Minutes before the scheduled burial was about to commence, the designated cleric raised objection to the burial site and refused to conduct the service. A Muslim was being buried in a “non-Muslim” grave site and according to him:
Islamic Shariah dictated that Muslims cannot be buried with non-Muslims. If, for some reason, a Muslim was buried in a non-Muslim area, the body would have to be later exhumed and reburied in a Muslim burial ground.
Keep reading...


This is Boko Haram: Nigeria finds 10-year-old girl with bomb strapped to her

(Reuters) - Nigerian forces have arrested two Boko Haram suspects who were traveling with a 10-year-old girl with explosives strapped to her, the government said on Wednesday.

Government spokesman Mike Omeri said the suspects had been intercepted in a Honda CRV car traveling along a road in the north's Katsina state.

“Ten-year old Hadiza was discovered to have been strapped with an explosive belt and, immediately, Iliya and Zainab made attempt to escape with the car, but were later blocked by other concerned Nigerians and subsequently arrested,” he said.


Hamas’ Homicidal Chicken Dies In Israeli Air Strike

A giant chicken learned a lesson about telling little kids to die for Hamas.

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Quebec Muslims want to ban the JDL

The Muslims want to ban the JDL? Hahahahaha!

NB - Google translate from an article behind the Le Devoir paywall.

Jewish Defence League of Canada - Citizens and Montreal police alert

The eventual establishment of the Jewish Defence League of Canada continues to cause reaction. The Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) said they were aware of the situation, while the Quebec Collective against Islamophobia (ICQC) launched a petition to ban the Jewish ultranationalist group.

Monday, Meir Weinstein, director of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) Canadian Devoir revealed that it would be in Montreal Sunday to set up a new section of his group. Spokesman SPVM Ian Lafreniere says that the police monitoring the situation, given the current context. "We follow it very closely, given everything that's going on, but our role is limited to that yet," he said. "It is common, but how we do follow, it is the details that will keep," he said in a telephone interview.

For its part, the ICQC asked Lise Thériault, Minister of Public Safety, "to explore all legal avenues to prohibit the establishment in Québec of the Jewish Defence League," the group said. An online petition was launched, and on Tuesday night she had collected more than 160 signatures. Thériault has not commented.

"It is their right to do that," says Weinstein whos states his controversial ultranationalist group has always respected the laws of Canada.

Weinstein believes that there should be about 100 people, if not more, who will be attending the meeting on Sunday. Participants must have previously been invited. The site is currently kept secret because Mr. Weinstein does not want the meeting to be disrupted. The names of the Canadian JDL in Quebec may be made ​​public, says Weinstein.

Community Activities

In Toronto, the JDL organizes courses krav maga, a self-defense system taught in the Israeli army. JDL also holds conferences to "educate" the community and explain "threats" that Jews face. Canadian JDL also helps Jewish community groups who want to improve their safety, in collaboration with the police.

JDL is not a centralized group, but rather a movement inspired by the thought of the extreme right Rabbi Meir Kahane. In France, the JDL has dissolved it a few years ago, according to Le Monde. But his supporters are still active. A Muslim community group accused members of the movement have been involved in fights on the sidelines of a pro-Palestinian demonstration has recently escalated. Protesters attacked a synagogue, and the JDL activists present there would have rambling with them.

American JDL has been described as "terrorist" organization, "violent" and "extremist" by the FBI in 2001 after two of its members had conspired to carry out an attack against a mosque.


Poor print ad sales hurt Toronto Star publisher’s revenue

(Reuters) - Canada's Torstar Corp reported a 7 percent fall in revenue at its media business, which publishes the country's largest daily newspaper, the Toronto Star.

Revenue in the media business fell to C$237.3 million ($218.45 million) as the company continued to struggle with low print advertising sales.

Torstar, almost one-quarter owned by Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd, said print advertising revenue was likely to remain under pressure for the rest of the year.

The publisher recently slashed costs in an attempt to counter shrinking ad sales...


Male rowers get naked to fight homophobia while Facebook censors female rowers

Photo from the men’s calendar

As they have every year since 2009, the rowing team at England’s Warwick University has gotten naked to raise money for an anti-homophobia charity.

The rowers have stripped down to produce an annual nude calendar, the proceeds of which will benefit Sport Allies, an organization that aims to combat homophobia and transphobia through the power of sports.

In its five years of existence, the project has proven to be a valuable fundraiser, selling over 15,000 copies in its last edition.

A large part of this success is due to the crew team's enviable physiques, but just as important is the calendar’s tasteful adherence to the Austin Powers rule of nudity: All the rowers, even the coxswains, are just barely covered up in the crucial areas.

But while the men’s calendar regularly goes viral every summer, their female counterparts were caught in a censorship battle during the middle of production for their 2015 calendar...


Yesterday it was ‘no laughing in public’ for women, today the Turkish deputy PM is after women ‘having vacation without husbands’

FEMEN Turkey was the latest participant of the protest that spread on social media.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has defended his claim that his recent criticism against women “laughing” was interpreted out of context, while slamming women “who go for a vacation with their lovers while leaving their husbands behind and can’t wait to climb poles when they see one.”

“My speech was not just about a few reminders for women; it was targeting men, too,” Arınç said while answering public broadcaster TRT Haber’s questions on July 30.
On July 30, Arınç defended his words, saying the speech took some 1.5 hours, but complained that “some people pick a section of it and criticize” it.

“I stand by my words,” Arınç said, arguing that urging just women to not laugh is “irrational,” but his speech was about “general rules of ethics and good manners”...

The reference to “climbing poles” is explained at the linked article.


Facebook says calling for death to Israel isn’t hate speech because it’s a country

One of four Facebook pages found if you search on FB for “Death to Israel”. This one is here.  Of course this does include searches for entries on other pages that express the same opinion.

On Monday, I reported that Facebook users complaining about a page calling for death to Jews were told that it didn’t violate the social network’s “community standards.” That page was subsequently removed, but readers have passed along links to additional Facebook pages calling for some variation of death to Israel or Zionists.

Matt Steinfeld, a spokesman for Facebook, explained that pages calling for death to Israel do not automatically cross over into what is considered hate speech under the social network’s media standards.

“Language attacking a country is not considered hate speech in our community standards,” Steinfeld wrote in an email...


It's The End Times



Science has a gender problem. ‘Science magazine’ just made it worse.

The offending cover photo

The cover of Science magazine’s special AIDS and HIV issue hit mailboxes on Wednesday: It shows the legs and minidress-clad torsos of transgender sex workers in Jakarta. The women have breasts but no heads. “Staying a step ahead of HIV/AIDS,” reads the display text, a winking inch or so away from their stiletto heels.

Though transgender sex workers are a “key affected population” for the epidemic in Indonesia, they are often overlooked by government health services, which is ostensibly why Science chose to splash bits of their anatomy on its cover.

If transwomen get ignored, though, it’s in large part due to prejudice—and in that respect the optics of the Science tableau do more harm than good.

The Slantist sex blog explains this car wreck of noble intentions pretty well.

“Instead of showing viewers a humanizing glimpse into the lives of these women,” writes A.V. Flox, the cover objectifies their bodies. It uses their bare legs as bait to lure in male readers, and then reverses the readers’ expectations in a way that’s supposed to be … funny?

“Interesting to consider how those gazey males will feel when they find out,” tweeted Science editor Jim Austin gleefully. Because transgender women with AIDS are great comedic fodder! “Am I the only one who finds moral indignation really boring?” he continued. If only...

* * *
Just one of a flood of indignant articles. The magazine has since apologized.


‘No One Is Illegal - Toronto’ statement on Israeli Attacks on Gaza, plus call to take part in protests

No One is Illegal Toronto calls for an immediate end to the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza and the Palestinian people. We insist: End the Siege of Gaza!

Israeli air strikes and the subsequent ground invasion have resulted in almost 1300 deaths, majority civilian including over 200 children. The number of dead and injured innocents continues to rise. This callous attack on human life is an extension of Israeli policy that has suffocated life in the occupied territories for 60 years and imprisoned millions in the world's largest open air prison. These attacks and the ongoing occupation of Palestine must end.

Since 1948, millions of Palestinians have been turned into refugees, forced out by the theft of their land. Palestinians today face check-points, an illegal apartheid wall, blockades, bombings, and starvation at the hands of the Israeli government. Food, medical supplies, oil, water, energy and access to education are denied to Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. In the face of this onslaught, Palestinians resist. We in No One Is Illegal - Toronto support that resistance.

As a migrant justice organization, we are in solidarity with all peoples opposing policies of occupation, exploitation and displacement from Turtle Island to Palestine. We demand the right to freedom of movement of the Palestinian people and the right of return. We stand in solidarity with the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israeli Apartheid. We denounce Canada’s complicity in the killing and occupation of the Palestinian people. We stand side by side with the people of Gaza in their struggle against war and occupation.

No One Is Illegal - Toronto endorses actions taken by allied groups against the Israeli apartheid regime and urges all supporters to join in these actions.

Free Palestine!

* * *
From an email, does not appear anywhere on their website. They encourage participation at two related events:

Solidarity With Gaza City Wide Protest & March: Wednesday, July 30, 6pm EDT at Yonge-Dundas Square

Walk with Grassy Narrows at River Run for Clean Water & Indigenous Rights: Thursday, July 31, Noon. Walk starts at Grange Park, Toronto.

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Deutsche Welle: ‘Many Americans see Israel as the holy land’

In Europe, criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza is slowly picking up steam. In the US, however, public opinion is still very much pro-Israel. DW talked to former Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat about the sentiment there.

Photo chosen by DW to accompany the article.  Says quite a lot I would say.

DW: Ambassador, Israel is losing the public relations war outside the United States, but here in the US the reaction has been muted with polls showing most Americans still supportive. Why is that?

Stuart Eizenstat: The Gaza reaction goes back to the basic context of how Americans view Israel and Hamas. First of all, there has traditionally been much more support for Israel going back decades here than in Europe and the reason is a mixture of things.

Many Americans see Israel as the holy land, something even as Christians they think is important to preserve. And as a democratic bastion in a sea of autocrats and dictators, as a country dedicated to the kinds of rule of law and other values that Americans cherish and contrast to the absence of that in many of the Arab countries.

There is a view that organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad, are all part of the Islamic terrorist threat that we saw in 9/11. The view of many Americans is all tied together with other similar terrorist organizations. So when a Hamas rocket goes into Israel, it's viewed as part and parcel of an attack against the West by Islamic radicals.

But how do the Americans see civilian casualities among the Palestinians?

l remember that Prime Minister [Ariel] Sharon pulled lock, stock, and barrel out of Gaza, took all the settlers out, 7,000 of them, dismantled every single Israeli institution and indeed was willing to transfer to the Palestinians those things of value, like flour, hot houses, and things, which by the way, once Israel left were totally destroyed.

So instead of getting peace and tranquility, once Hamas took over from the Palestinian authority, they gave them not roses but rockets. And that speaks volumes. And Americans have a very clear recollection of that history...

* * *
A typical piece from the “elites” of Europe:  It is pretty sad.  It is like they are incapable of learning about what has happened and drawing the correct conclusions.

Or maybe anti-Semitism among the elites is more common than they let on. They are too smart to show it, but what are they thinking?

One reaches a point and thinks: to hell with you then.  I hope you enjoy your rapidly growing Muslim population.  I think in a generation or two there will less enthusiasm for your “multikulti” experiment.


Please open a second front: Hamas calls on Hezbollah to fight Israel

In this picture taken on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, Indian UN peacekeepers with their armored personnel carrier, right, stand guard next to a giant poster that shows Hezbollah fighters and the Al Aqsa Mosque with Arabic and Hebrew words reading: “We are coming,” near the barbed wire that separate Lebanon and Israeli-occupied Shebaa farms, southeast Lebanon. (photo credit: AP/Hussein Malla)

As Operation Protection Edge continues into its fourth week, Hamas has asked Hezbollah to join the fight against Israel.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, the Cairo-based deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, told Russian news agency RIA Novosti, “We hope the Lebanese front will open and together we will fight against this formation [Israel],” The Daily Star reported.

“There’s no arguing that Lebanese resistance could mean a lot,” he declared.

Since the outset of Operation Protective on July 8, several rockets have been fired upon northern Israel from Lebanon, though Palestinian groups, not Hezbollah, have been suspected in those cases.

On Wednesday morning, an IDF patrol was fired upon in the northern Galilee...


Next flashpoint? The undecided election in Afghanistan

Three airless aluminium warehouses, shaped like giant armadillos, sit hunched on the outskirts of Kabul. Inside hundreds of volunteers and international election observers have been bustling around in stifling heat, arguing over the shape of tick-marks on individual ballots. During Ramadan the lack of food and drink made the stale atmosphere inside the godowns all the more draining.

The Ramadan fast has since broken, but the counting goes on. Until it has finished, the presidential election that was supposed to replace Hamid Karzai hangs in suspension.

After a surprising reversal of fortunes suddenly favoured Ashraf Ghani in the second round of the presidential elections, his opponent, Abdullah Abdullah, cried foul. Alleging fraud, several of his powerful supporters threatened to establish a breakaway government.

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UK: Visa rules mean UK is ‘unwelcoming’ for foreign students

Universities say that new immigration measures will be an “enormous burden” at a time when international students are “crucial for the UK economy”

Stricter rules on student visas give the impression that the UK “does not welcome international students”, say higher education experts.

Yesterday it was announced that, from November, educational institutions would lose their status as a highly trusted sponsor if 10 per cent of students recruited by the university or college are refused visas. The current threshold stands at 20 per cent.

Writing in the Telegraph, David Cameron said that “the most egregious examples” of abuse of the immigration system were those “enrolling at bogus colleges”. He added that the new measures would ensure “colleges do proper checks on students”.

Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute, said: “Sadly, I think it is yet more evidence that the Home Office is more interested in headlines than working co-operatively with the university sector to resolve any genuine problems that exist.

“It is bound to encourage the idea that the UK does not welcome international students yet further...

* * *
Throughout the West, universities have become addicted to foreign students. Canada is no exception. They are as bad as fast food restaurants addicted to TFWs.

Is the problem irreversible? the TFWs the foreign students allow the universities to get used their tuition fees in their budget and if it suddenly stops they are bound to be problems.

It is a sad commentary on the West that we have allowed this situation to come about in the first place. But we have and I cannot see a way out.

The people who derive benefits from the current torrent of foreigners are too many and have too much influence.

Read about how France brought in cheap labour from North Africa after WW II.    At the time, the people hiring the new cheap labour were delighted and would screamed if it was cut off.

Yet look at what the long term has brought them.


CIJA takes aim at May On Gaza

CIJA is tweeting about May's ludicrous statement on Gaza.


Going wild for Ramadan: Children as young as ten among 33 people killed in stampede at a beach concert in Guinea

A boy who was injured in the crush

At least 33 people, including children as young as ten, were killed in a stampede at a beachside concert celebrating the end of Ramadan in Guinea's capital.

The crowd has gathered to watch Guinean rap group Instinct Killers at a beach in the Ratoma neighborhood of the capital, Conakry.

Medics took at least 24 bodies, including that of 13 young girls, to a hospital morgue at Donka, reported AFP...


Shock U.S. SENATE REPORT: Left-wing 'BILLIONAIRE'S CLUB' Using Environazism To Control US Economy & Subvert Democracy

"There aren’t a lot of functioning democracies around the world that work this way where you can basically have millionaires and billionaires bankrolling whoever they want, however they want, in some cases undisclosed. What it means is ordinary Americans are shut out of the process." Barack Obama, White House press conference, Oct 2013.

Yes, indeed. But the millionaires and billionaires doing the damage are Obama's allies on the liberal-left, not his enemies on the right. So says a devastating report published today by the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works.

The report details how an elite group of rich liberal donors such as Tom Steyer and Hank Paulson - "the Billionaire's Club" - is directing and controlling the far-left environmental movement, "which in turn lobbies and controls major policy decisions and lobbies on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)."



A video camera captured the terrifying plight of two women who became trapped on an 80-foot-high railroad bridge when a freight train surprised them as they walked along the tracks. (July 30)


HSBC closes Muslim groups' accounts

HSBC bank has written to Finsbury Park Mosque and other Muslim organisations in the UK to tell them that their accounts will be closed.

The reason given in some cases was that to continue providing services would be outside the bank's "risk appetite".

The wife and teenage children of a man who runs a London based Islamic think tank have also been contacted.

HSBC said decisions to close accounts were "absolutely not based on race or religion".

No, but they are likely based on their being Terrorist fronts.

h/t ZD


"Humanitarian Organization" Hamas executes 30, shoots protesters in Gaza

Over the past few days, Hamas has executed more than 30 civilians from various parts of the Gaza Strip which it suspected of collaborating with Israel, unidentified Palestinian security sources told the Palestine Press News.


Media watchdog asks why WSJ reporters deleted Twitter photos implicating Hamas in war crimes

A now removed tweet from the WSJ's Tamer El-Ghobashy, who suggested Hamas was likely responsible for a strike that hit Al Shifa Hospital. Photo: CAMERA.

Two reporters in Gaza for The Wall Street Journal have deleted photographs that implicate Hamas in war crimes, namely using the Al Shifa hospital as a military headquarters, and media watchdog CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, on Tuesday asked them why the posts were removed? So far, CAMERA has received no answers from the reporters or from their editors, but the group said the deleted posts might be further evidence of Hamas intimidating journalists.

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Montreal based Muslim Mosque website offers courageous advice regarding Quran

The Mosque Assuna Anabawiya, located in Montreal, offers a refreshing take on on the Quran.

Do click their site URL at the link above.


Canada-Israel rally in the capital tonight

Jerry Grafstein, a former senator for Metro Toronto, is hosting a Canada-Israel Solidarity Rally at the David Citadel Hotel at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, including an appearance by Canadian Ambassador Vivian Bercovici.

The event will include a broadcasted appearance by Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird and Canadian members of Parliament.

“Speeches will be very short,” Grafstein, first vice president of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians and a former senator for Metro Toronto, said on Tuesday. “It’s not a political event. It’s an act of solidarity and I’m absolutely astounded and amazed at how strong the Israelis have been through constant rocket attack, and my admiration for anybody living in Israel has gone through the roof.”


Controversial Jewish Defence League mulls Calgary chapter after rally violence

NB: When Jews defend themselves it's always "Controversial" to the MSM.


Mark Steyn: 'I' m sick of 'agents' and 'raids''

These guys are not agents; they're low-level bureaucrats. America is unique in the developed world in turning minor officials from the Department of Paperwork into "agents" and letting them run around pretending to be James Bond.

And, by the way, the point about 007 is that it's a very low number, because there are supposed to be very few of them.

If you're wondering why America is the Brokest Nation in History, with a national government that has to pay back $18 trillion (which is more than anyone ever has had to pay back) just to get back to having nothing, well, consider this:

They sent six SUVs of trained agents to check the vehicle identification number on the imported 1985 Land Rover of a respectable, law-abiding couple no threat to anybody.

That total waste of resources is repeated a bazillion times a day across the land - and, like Iran's room-service bill in Vienna, you're paying for it.


Memo to Justin Trudeau...

2.4% of people showed some sympathy for violent protest and terrorist acts. Sympathy was more likely to be articulated by the under 20s, those in full time education rather than employment, those born in the UK, those speaking English at home, and high earners (>£75,000 a year). People with poor self-reported health were less likely to show sympathies for violent protest and terrorism. Anxiety and depressive symptoms, adverse life events and socio-political attitudes showed no associations.

Sympathies for violent protest and terrorism were uncommon among men and women, aged 18–45, of Muslim heritage living in two English cities. Youth, wealth, and being in education rather than employment were risk factors.


Podcast: Andy McCarthy on his new book, 'Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment'

Listen in.


Lena Dunham writes a 'book'

Sure, nobody who lacked Dunham’s caliber of parentage and connectionsher mother and father were Greenwich Village artists, apparently floated by old money—would ever land a television show with a looks-and-talent package such as hers. But if there was going to be an odd-looking girl with no chops on premium cable, then it stands to reason that her parents would be parlor pinks with a loft in the Village. When the demand is that low, the contest goes to the best-placed, quite like the rest of what passes for literature these days.

But whether the star’s thighs are of a “deserving” dimension is not the question about this show that matters. Though Roseanne Barr was twice Dunham’s size, not only was Barr’s TV show fun to watch, I have never viscerally yearned to hit her in the throat with an old copy of Pulp’s A Different Class album tied to a brick.


The Rise and Fall of Statistics

Steve Sailer writes:

One reason that statistics have seemed new and cool in this century—witness the Freakonomics fad of 2005 and the Nate Silver mania of 2012—is that the basic conceptual tools of modern statistics, such as correlation, were not developed until puzzlingly late, even though the math is not particularly difficult.

Thus, our culture is still learning how to think statistically. Consider all those irritating people who over the last few years have taken to commenting whenever there’s a study they don’t like: “Correlation is not causation!” Well, sure, that’s lame, but that’s actually an improvement over what they had previously assumed.


I got wished into the cornfield!

Back soon. Thank Frau Black Mamba and BD for their fine work.


Rising anti-Semitism


How Gaza takes center stage in the Muslim world

At the drop of a hat, the Muslim world has dropped its focus on the uprisings, wars, killings and violence in the Middle East, and instead, drew its attention to the war in Gaza.

Why? The short answer is that Muslim-on-Muslim violence draws less outrage than non- Muslim-on-Muslim violence.


Last surviving member of crew that dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima dies in Georgia at age 93

The last surviving member of the crew that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima has died in Georgia.

Theodore VanKirk, also known as 'Dutch,' died Monday of natural causes at the retirement home where he lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia, his son Tom VanKirk said. He was 93.


Armadillo Love


Beheadings of Infidels, Halal Sex Products and "Muslims Don't Like Dogs" A Month of Islam in Europe: June 2014

In the Czech Republic, President Miloš Zeman refused to apologize for comments he made during a speech at the Israeli Embassy in Prague on May 26 at a reception to celebrate Israel's Independence Day.

Quoting several verses from the Koran that call on Muslims to kill Jews, Zeman said that Islam was to blame for the attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels that killed four people. He also said:

"There is a term, political correctness. This term I consider to be a euphemism for political cowardice. Therefore, let me not be cowardly."


Amnesty International is driving people of the same gender to ‘kiss against homophobia’ in digital collages

Amnesty International Hungary has launched a provocative campaign aimed to take on negative attitudes towards LGBT community across the globe.

The new effort dubbed “Kiss Against Homophobia” is rolling out through October 11, the International Coming Out Day...


A spoof guide to Hamas tunnels

A spoof map that uses a London Underground-style diagram to depict the web of tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel was recently posted on online image hosting service Imgur.

The Israeli Defense Forces is currently engaged in a campaign to eradicate these attack tunnels, as well as to stem rocket fire from Gaza against Israel’s south and center.

The tunnel network is thought to have been built over years through the Gaza Strip and under the border into Israel. At least five times in the past two weeks, Hamas fighters have used the tunnels to execute deadly infiltrations into Israeli territory, most recently on Monday evening, when five soldiers were killed at an army position near Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

Imgur, pronounced “imager,” describes itself as the home of “the most viral images on the internet, sorted by popularity.” Users post their images and then can watch as views build up.

The Gaza Underground Map, posted on Sunday, had racked up a modest 2,500 views as of Tuesday, and didn’t list any information about its creator...


Hamas Wants Us to Care about Palestinian Children, Even if They Don’t

Israel Defense Forces shared this photo on Facebook, along with the caption: “Hamas continues to use its people for terrorist purposes: two days ago, we found explosive devices adjacent to a baby’s cradle. This is the true face of Hamas.”

Hamas sacrifices Arab children and celebrates the victory. Then we are supposed to cry over the very same children...


“Mild pedophilia is bad. Violent pedophilia is worse. If you think that’s an endorsement of mild pedophilia, go away and learn how to think.”

It's not exactly that he's wrong. It's that noone would normally find himself arguing about this. If anything, I suspect he's a victim. I mean, more than he's let on.

And don't say it's just an English thing, please.

R.S. McCain


IDF: Palestinian casualties at Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital, Al-Shati Camp from terrorists’ rockets falling short

Nick Casey, The Wall Street Journal's Middle East Correspondent, posted a photo to Twitter of a Hamas spokesman being interviewed on camera at Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital, which Hamas uses as a base. The photo has since been removed. Photo: Nick Casey / Twitter.

The Israeli army said it was not operating in the vicinity of Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza on Monday, where an explosion reportedly killed and wounded dozens of Palestinians.

“A short while ago Al-Shifa Hospital and Al-Shati Refugee Camp were struck by failed rocket attacks launched by Gaza terrorists,” the army said in a statement sent to reporters.

The failed attempt to fire the projectile apparently hit a car near the center, according to Israel’s Channel 2 News, causing the casualties.

The station said that a “Hamas Fajr-5 rocket aimed at central Israel, which was fired from a playground outside the Shifa hospital and exploded on the site causing casualties, had at least a 100 kg (220 lbs) warhead,” according to The Times of Israel.

Reporter Nir Devori of Channel 2 and analyst Ehud Yaari confirmed the carnage was most likely the result of a failed Fajr rocket launch — aimed at central Israel.

Palestinian reports are claiming at least seven dead and dozens wounded in a “failed rocket launch” by terrorists from the vicinity of the medical compound, according to Israeli Channel 1 reporter Yoram Cohen.‏

Palestinian sources at the Al-Shati Refugee Camp, said an airstrike killed children, a claim the army denied...


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