The New Normal In Canada: Politicians Attend Mosque That Condones Death To Apostates, Beating Your Wife

Politicians will do anything for a vote, that isn't news. However when our politicos attend events at institutions that openly preach hate then we have really crossed the point of no return. Any politican who lends legitimacy to Islamist hate mongers should be turfed from office.

Case in point: Masjid Ibrahim, which also operates as the Peel Islamic Cultural Centre in Brampton. On Feb 19 Masjid Ibrahim hosted the "Muslim Professional Networking Event".The keynote speaker was none other than Munir El-Kassem, an Islamist who has openly praised the racist Louis Farrakhan and wrote this stunning apologia for the Taliban.  Sadly El-Kassem is just a distraction in this story.

The event lists as its honoured attendees:

Liberal MP Andrew Kania
Liberal MPP Shafiq Qaadri
Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell
Brampton Councillor John Hutton
Regional Councillor Paul Palleschi
And Maybe... Toronto Mayor Rob Ford who is listed as an "anticipated guest" I have no confirmation on whether Rob Ford did or did not attend this event.

Welcome to the new normal. As you're about to see Masjid Ibrahim is a pillar of Multicultural inclusivesness and tolerance.

In its "About Islam" section Masjid Ibrahim preaches that apostates may be either beaten or killed in answer to Question no. Q36.

What is the Islamic judgment of a Muslim who does not observe daily prayers or the one who neglects some prayers?

 "As far the worldly verdict that should be established by the leader of Muslims against the abandoner of prayer due to laziness, jurists have three different opinions:

1- That he is out of the fold of Islam and should be killed due to apostasy.

2- That he does not leave Islam, but he should be killed according to the prescribed punishment if he does not repent and refuses to pray like the killer of an innocent victim.

3- He does not leave Islam, nor should be killed, but should be punished by beating and imprisonment until he prays.

This is important to note as Masjid Ibrahim also preaches that the Ahmadiyah  and Ismaeli sects are apostates and hence subject to beatings, imprisonment and death, (just like me - a blasphemer see Q62). If a Christian were to write this you may rest assured they would, at minimum, be hauled before the CHRC.

 "Q76. What is Islam's judgement of Ahmadiya (Qadiani), and the Ismaeli sects? What about Muslim youth marriage to women from any of the two sects?

A76. Doubtless that both Ahmadiyah (Qadianiyah) and Ismaeli sects are not part of the religion of Islam. Thus they are not considered Muslims even though they call themselves Muslims to falsify things and lead others astray. 

Masjid Ibrahim also condones the beating of wives by husbands in answer to Question no. 54;

"On the other hand Islam has given the husband, who is dutiful to his wife, the right to discipline her when she rebels and rejects to obey him and to comply with him. He first counsels her in all love and kindness, then he can abandon their mutual bed if advice does not work; then if she insists on rebellion and hatred he can beat her to the extent that restores her obedience and forces her to fulfill her duties. Beating should not be severe; he should avoid the face and should not leave any marks on her body. The husband should not resort to beating, as the last solution, if he thinks that it will have no effect. Second, it should not be severe beating nor should it cause any bleeding. He should avoid the sensitive parts of the body for it is intended for reform and not punishment or damage."

There's more, much more, have fun reading through the entire Masjid Ibrahim "About Islam" document.

Masjid Ibrahim About Islam -

sanwin  – (1:11 PM)

From Toronto Health !

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:16 PM)  

That figures, though why Toronto's board of health has to publish such a document is beyond me.

Van Grungy  – (1:18 PM)  

Since our elected officials have given the masjid the imprimatur of government sanctioned legitimacy, we as Canadians are now officially subservient to dar al islam for all intents and purposes..

The next elections will be uncomfortable, to say the least, for these politicians when they are questioned by an ever increasingly aware citizenry of dar al harb/Canada...

we can hope anyways..

sanwin  – (1:19 PM)  

Q33. Is it allowed to share Jews and Christians their feasts like Christmas and others?

A33. It is absolutely prohibited for Muslims to participate with Jews and Christians in observing their religious feasts like Christmas and others. This is because whoever imitates any group of people he will be one of them on the Day of Judgement God forbids.

Can I have another does of multiculturalism with sprinkles on top ?

sanwin  – (1:19 PM)  

Andrew Kania squeaked thru with less than 300 votes.

Poste de veille  – (1:23 PM)  
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Poste de veille  – (1:26 PM)  

Elected officials who attend these events lend legitimacy to groups that are a threat to our security. This is a violation of their oath of office, and they should be impeached.

Also the mosque should be deprived of its charitable status under our tax laws.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:32 PM)  

VanG and Poste, you are both right the Politicians who attended this event have sold their country and their souls. They should be removed from office.

They hate Christmas Sanwin! It don't get no more evil!

Tim Johnston  – (1:48 PM)  

Allah is such a killjoy. What a sucky choice of deity.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (1:52 PM)  

Has to be the whiniest False Prophet Evah Tim!

kursk  – (2:20 PM)  

I'm topping my Christmas tree with a Ham hock next year...just because I can..

Rose  – (2:23 PM)  

Keep outing the Multicultural whores Blaze, I'd rather know the enemy from within than take a guess who'd sell us to the Islamofascists for the vote.

dmurrell  – (2:44 PM)  

Good research here. Well done.

scaramouche  – (3:04 PM)  

Craven dhimmis on the hunt for votes. Nothing new about that, alas.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:05 PM)  

Shameless aren't they?

Melykin  – (3:45 PM)  

Q6. What is the Islamic ruling regarding eating the meat of animal
slaughtered by Jews and Christians?

A6. In order to diminish the hardship facing Muslims, Allah S.W. made it permissable for Muslims to eat the meat of Islamically allowed animals
slaughtered by Jews and Christians with the condition that their way of slaughtering must conform with the Islamic way of slaughtering.
As for the seller of meat, there is no difference whether he/she is a Muslim, a Christian, a Jewish or an unbeliever. However, it should be noted that if the person doing the slaughtering happened to be an idol worshipper, a hindu, or an theist the meat becomes forbidden regardless of the religion of
the seller.

The 10th century called. They want their religion back.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:51 PM)  

Ha! The whole thing is full of such little gems Melykin;)

truepeers  – (3:58 PM)  

Good work. All we can hope is that many politicians are clueless because they get their thinking from the CBC and the Globe and Mail. So, maybe if they learn what the people they are pandering to really believe, they will have some kind of wake up.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:04 PM)  

We can hope this embarassment penetrates a few skulls, though that is likely asking too much, it won't phase the Liberals at all, for them it's all in a days work.

Revnant Dream  – (7:00 PM)  

BCF is right. Most figure before any damage hits them they will be dead already, with the suckers leaving the butchers bill to pay for their treason.

randi  – (8:04 PM)  

bcf do you know who the imam(s0 are of this mosque?


Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:13 PM)  

I believe it is this guy, Imam Shaikh AREF VARACHHIA

Pieface  – (8:47 PM)  

Devoid of intelligence, possessed of neither scruples nor principles because despite everything, votes count.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:48 PM)  

It is sick making PieFace.

peterj  – (10:39 PM)  

Our race to the bottom continues with government approval.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (11:04 PM)  

Every last one of these "politicians" should be held accountable for this.,

Osumashi Kinyobe  – (12:40 AM)  

I am disgusted but not surprised that politicians would troll for a vote.

There is a discussion on the "morality" of Christmas here:

gama  – (4:36 AM)  

Has anyone noticed that when Naheed Nemsi was elected as mayor of Calgary it did not elicit euphoria, not even a a whimper of self congratulations in Canada's Muslim community ? At least I didn't hear any of the typical braggadocio on how islams fits perfectly in western culture !!!!!!
Naheed is a member of the very liberal 'ismaili' sect , a sect main stream Islam abhors and considers as heretics and apostates. Hence with that political victory you did not hear any jubilation from orthodox Islam .

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:44 AM)  

Interesting discussion at that link Osumashi. Mass immigration is clearly a poor idea.

This is true Rev there was a silence, Fatah is doubtful of this guy however.

Anonymous –   – (1:58 AM)  

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