Islamic Ritual Prayer Conducted At Toronto District School Board Middle School

Upperdate: The MSM stirs....slowly

Update: The Toronto District School Board Teaches That Palestinians did not Celebrate 911.

I received this e-mail from Mark Harding. I phoned Valley Park Middle School, who in a panic directed me to call the TDSB directly @ 416-397-3000. The TDSB "Communications Dept." is so far incommunicado -they are away at a meeting.

"Islamic ritual prayers are done in my 13 year old daughter's middle school on every Friday.

Every Friday my daughter's school cafeteria changes into a mosque as dozens of Muslim boys and their imams (Islamic preachers) lead Islamic ritual prayers and no one else can even walk through the cafeteria.

Some imams (Islamic preachers) come from the outside of the school and lead Muslim students in the Islamic prayer and this happens at the school Cafeteria after the lunch on Fridays. All other non-Muslims are in classes in the afternoon when they are using the cafeteria as mosque. There is a mosque nearby but the Muslim kids pray in the school

School administration take part preparing the Cafeteria and making it into mosque every Friday and no one but Muslims can use the Cafeteria during the Islamic prayers on Friday.

And there are a number of other incidents involving Islam and other anti-Christian issues that I complained about, including a white convert to Islam who was a supply teacher and who openly promoted Islam and bashed Christianity last year!"

The school's name is: Valley Park Middle School, and the address is:

130 Overlea Boulevard

Don Mills On, M3C 1B2

Phone: 416 396 2465


"Mark, my other two kids also go to a different public primary school and the snack for all the kids in this primary school is all "Halal". My wife complained about it and she was told she can prepare her own snack for our kids but the school would not drop the Halal menu for all the students. All the school kids in this primary school have to eat halal snacks whether they are Muslim or not"

Update: It is confirmed thanks to reader Munimula, the Valley Park Middle School cafeteria is turned into a mosque and a local Imam is brought in to lead the children in worshipping Allah:

"Prayer Service, the school is providing a venue for the Muslim student’s to have prayers at school on Fridays. An Imam from the neighbouring mosque comes to our school and conducts the prayers. Prior to this, students signed out early on Friday afternoons to go to mosque. By staying at school, valuable instructional time is saved for our students."

The document is also accessible here.

Ann  – (2:04 PM)  

Public funding of religious schools

Didn't John Tory get defeated in the last Ontario election on this very issue? So why is the McGuinty Liberal govt's Ministry of Education funding this religious activity?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:05 PM)  

As I recall he did. So far no response from the TDSB.

Osumashi Kinyobe  – (2:09 PM)  

Are these the same schools that have Orange and Black Day as opposed to Halloween for fear of offense? Is the Rosary said?

Home-schooling is looking better by the minute.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:14 PM)  

They went into panic mode when I called. The receptionist confirmed it was being done but when I pressed for details on the inclusion of Imam's she passed me over to someone else who insisted I call the TDSB directly for details.

Simus  – (2:24 PM)  

Be interesting to find out what particular muslim organization is involved and if it is some sort of quid pro quo for not getting too "rigid" about "infrastructure issues".
One could surmise that bacon burgers and pork chops don't turn up much on the Friday lunch menu these days?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:31 PM)  

See the update at the bottom of the Post Simus.

been around the block  – (2:34 PM)  

In the meantime, the Lord's Prayer cannot be said in public schools, even though it's Christians who founded the public educational system in Canada/Ontario.

How the mighty have fallen and the parasites are elevated. No longer able to discern sanity from crazy, holy from profane, common sense and what's worked for centuries from new-fangled, multicultural destruction, we're ripe for the picking.

When will we wake up?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:38 PM)  

Well we will get to the bottom of this and go from there BatB it is appalling.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (2:39 PM)  

Is it the same M. Harding from:

Mark Harding and his friend Bob will be at the corner of Yonge St. and Queen to show support for Israel. Here is part of Mark’s news release:

“We Canadians must stand up for Israel and the Jewish people. If you support Israel and can spare a couple of hours on Canada Day, then please come and stand beside me. If you can find an Israel flag please bring it.”

After reading the Halal Snack add-on, it would seem so.

Humus on a cracker, did they think no one would notice?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:41 PM)  

Yup same Mark Kaffir.

Kinneddar  – (2:43 PM)  

Are there no Muslim girls in that school? If it's only Muslim boys and their imam allowed at these prayer services, then it seems that this school allows discrimination on the basis of sex as well as the basis of religion.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (2:44 PM)  

That's a good question K. So far no call back.

Ann  – (2:52 PM)  

"the school would not drop the Halal menu for all the students."

So the TDSB has tendered a food contract with a stipulation re Halal this raises the following:

1. Who wrote the specs for the contract based on what policy
2. What was the bid process open/closed
3. Who approved the contract
4. Who is the Halal provider
5. How much is the contract worth length and terms of the contract
6. Is there a relationship between the Halal supplier and the Imams that conduct services at the other school
7. Does the Halal menu meet Canadian food handling standards
8. Is the Halal kitchen inspected

rick mcginnis  – (2:53 PM)  

Kinneddar has a great point - if common sense doesn't prevail, some punitive lawyering might be called for here. Rights-speak, with all of its shifting priorities and privileges, seems to be the only language education bureaucrats understand, what with being busy not teaching your kids to read and all...

Clink  – (3:00 PM)  

Seeing the liberal, politically correct types having their world turned upside down is like watching a train wreck.

Could you imagine what they would say if a group of Catholics took over the cafe?

The Toronto Star would be howling from the rooftop!

Their arguments over "church and state" suddenly vaporize when it comes to Islam. Cowards.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:02 PM)  

They have not called me back so I can't confirm the Halal aspect, the only thing that was confirmed was that the cafeteria is being used as a mosque Fridays.

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (3:08 PM)  


Women, young male children and all girls must pray in a separate room, or a balcony or some such division. Some Mosque's allow them to hang out in the back of the room, but Islam is a male-centric religion which makes its followers aspire to be the perfect Man, which would be Mohammed.

That's why women are second class, or chattel, or property, or something to be concerned with only in terms of honour and create more little Mohammeds.

cestusdei  – (3:16 PM)  

Here are some ideas:

1. Tell them your child has religious objections to halal food. If they refuse then sue.

2. Demand that the rosary be recited by Catholic children on Fridays. If they refuse then sue.

3. Make sure that Christian students wear crosses. If the school objects then sue.

truepeers  – (3:20 PM)  

Let's not forget that Islamic prayer includes a ritual of repeated repetition of the first verse of the Koran, a verse that has been interpreted since its authoratative interpretation in medieval times, and still is today, to be a curse on Jews and Christians.

See video and discussion in my post, here.

See also, for example, the discussion in the middle of <a href=">this article</a>.

Congratulations Toronto "educators", you have finally found a way to institutionalize your hatred of Jews and Christians!

truepeers  – (3:21 PM)  

Sorry, here is that second link again.

truepeers  – (3:27 PM)  

Correction: not the first verse, but the first Sura or chapter of the Koran contains the cursing of the Jews and Christians that is repeated five times daily in prayers.

Ann  – (3:27 PM)  

I have forwarded an email to my MPP re the Ministry of Education about the events going on at these public schools. It might be worth calling the education minister's office.

Van Grungy  – (3:35 PM)  

I knew this would happen.. thorncliffe is going to be a no-go zone soon enough

Blazing Cat Fur  – (3:35 PM)  

Thanks Trupeers good links, and a good idea Ann.

sanwin  – (3:55 PM)  

I raised similar issues about Thorncliffe Park Public school a few months ago and the TSDB basically brushed me off.

I'm going to raise an unholy stink now.

sanwin  – (3:57 PM)  

Thank God for Sun TV.

I'm sure Ezra will look at this.

Frances  – (3:59 PM)  

If they are serving halal food, how much more does it cost than the regular Canadian stuff? Also, shouldn't all Christians (particularly RC) be offered fish on Fridays?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:02 PM)  

I hope Ezra does Sanwin, so far no response to my call to the TDSB.

You're right Frances we should - as if they'd comply;)

Melykin  – (4:03 PM)  

If they were taking over the cafeteria for Christian prayer the liberal dhimmies would go ape-sh*t.

If nothing can be done to stop these Muslim cafeteria prayers all other religions should insist on having exactly the same rights in the schools.

Who the hell decide it was a good idea to import a bunch of Muslims to Canada any way? No one consulted me.

sanwin  – (4:10 PM)  

Thorncliffe Park Drive Public School also only serves halal food. In addition, they have a board up in the office which have all the product labels and certificates confirming the halal nature of all food served in the school.

Any surprise that the school has been classified as a school in need ?

munimula  – (4:12 PM)  

The school report talks about the Friday prayers. In the PDF

meeting report

sanwin  – (4:12 PM)  


The TDSB will NOT reply.

I wrote to the school, the school trustee, the TDSB and Chris Spences office.

Expect for the Principal who asked me to call and talk to him personally, there was ZERO response.

It was only when I wrote to the Minister's office, that a PR officer from the TSDB contacted me.

I'm sure the Minister realizes there's an election in a few months, so a couple of calls to her office might be in order.

Rose  – (4:23 PM)  

If this is true heads should roll and I mean roll right out to the unemployjment line. Subjecting non-Muslim kids to Islamic dietary requirements is a violation of our charter of rights and frankly this scares the crap out of me.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:25 PM)  

Thank you Muni, great work! This goes against everything our elites have taught us Sanwin how can you be so cynical???? Yea I'm kiddin;)

sanwin  – (4:30 PM)  

"We have many food allergies and cultural/religious requirements to consider prior to adding foods to our menu. Our nutrition team carefully selects and prepares healthy and culturally sensitive food choices. A binder is kept in the main office with the labels of every manufactured food that is served and letters/emails from the manufacturers regarding it’s contents as well as notifications from religious/cultural groups that have worked with our nutrition team to ensure the foods meet all requirements. If you have questions come in and review the binder. If after reviewing the binder you still have concerns please leave your name and number at the main office and a member of our nutrition team will follow up with your specific concerns."

sanwin  – (4:31 PM)  

Jack Nigra is the PR guy from the TDSB who finally contacted me.

Then he gave me the usual bullshit about 'reasonable accomodation'.

I'd really love to rub his face in this shit, halal shit, that is.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:31 PM)  

This is really starting to stink Sanwin.

Ann  – (4:34 PM)  

Mumimula Re the PDF:
Here it is from the school's council document:

"Prayer Service, the school is providing a venue for the Muslim student’s to have prayers at school on Fridays. An Imam from the neighbouring mosque comes to our school and conducts the prayers. Prior to this, students signed out early on Friday afternoons to go to mosque. By staying at school, valuable instructional time is saved for our students."

So is this religious accommodation made for other religions in the public school system?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (4:40 PM)  

Reasonable accomodation? In a Pigs Eye!

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (4:45 PM)  

Reasonable accommodation would be enforcing tolerance, not tolerating intolerance.

That's a Kaffir Kanuck Approved Quote BTW.

Van Grungy  – (4:51 PM)  

You should see the Timmy's in the neighborhood at night..

All balls..

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (4:59 PM)  


You mean Timbits?

Revnant Dream  – (5:40 PM)  

THis is surrender to an Alien creed with political aspertions of domination.
Yet these same people go balistic if the name of Joshua is mentioned or a bible in school. Including wearing crosses. Yet Islam the murder cult, is perfectly okay.
We pay for this?

MariaS  – (5:41 PM)  

This conservative govt is anything but conservative. What's happening now under Stephen Harper is no better than what was happening under the Libs. How do politicians get so corrupted so fast just for a few measly votes that they jump higher than a kite to sell their homelands to the invaders ?
It boggles the mind.

MariaS  – (5:48 PM)  

BCF - congrats on yet another scoop.
I hope Ezra or Lilley will pick up on this and put some tough questions to the blasted conservatives we have voted to a majority govt.
Have you noticed how quickly they have become arrogantly indifferent to us the people who voted them in? Case in point ... Moore.
A leopard might change their spots, politicians ...NEVER.

Kinneddar  – (5:54 PM)  

Kaffir_Kanuck, My question about any girls in that school was tongue-in-cheek. I know that in Islam females must pray separately, etc. but just thought I'd see what the school officials would say about that. Are they party to this gender segregation? Of course they are, but as per the OHRC, religious considerations outweigh gender equality. It's true.

In this case, the issue is even bigger since our public schools are supposed to be religion-neutral.

Ann  – (6:16 PM)  

The last Ontario General Election was Oct 10 2007. John Tory lost because of campaign plank supporting public funding to all religious school. In fact, Ontario voters overwhelmingly rejected this. Even McGuinty on election night took a shot at Tory because of it:
“Despite that, McGuinty extended his thanks in his victory speech to both Tory and NDP Leader Howard Hampton "for accepting the challenge of public life."
However, he took several jabs at Tory's proposal to extend public funding to faith-based private schools, an issue that quickly came to dominate the campaign.

"We do not want to see our children divided," McGuinty told supporters gathered at Ottawa's Fairmont Chateau Laurier. "We want publicly funded schools, not public funds for private schools."”

The Minutes of the Council Meeting is dated November 24/2008. McGuinty confirmed his government did not have a mandate for what is going on in the school that Liberal MPP Kathleen Wynn who was Minister of Education at the time of the election. So how come the McGuinty govt is not only dividing the children he has endorsed gender apartheid in the public school system.

BB  – (6:18 PM)  

I emailed school, trustee and the super demanding justification.
Also inquired whether these kids will be making up all the hours of class time missed every Fri during the summer (with our tax $$, of course).

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:21 PM)  

Good work BB and Ann.

Revnant Dream  – (6:35 PM)  

Maybe this is what their aiming for in the pic.

The Invisible Palestinians

Rose  – (6:46 PM)  

I wonder what the Occupational Health and safety board thinks of people crawling around on their knees sans shoes in an area reserved for food prep and consumation? Would you want to eat in that place after people spent their time with their shoes off crawling around on the floor?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (6:53 PM)  

Good question Rose, odd but still no call from the TDSB.

sanwin  – (7:04 PM)  


Better grab a a case of beer and some popcorn.

It'll be a long wait.

Alghough now that this story has gone international since Robert Spencer as featured it on Jihadwatch, I'm sure they must be some emergency meetings taking place tonight.

Arrogant bastards all, they should be dismissed.

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:15 PM)  

This isn't accomodation it is Islamist hegemony.

Van Grungy  – (7:15 PM)  

How can the Ontario Science Center and Muslims live together?

I guess that explains this..


Oh yes, the Liberal Party loves people that hate

sanwin  – (7:21 PM)  

Yeah VanG, the OSC had an exhibition on islamic science and inventions a couple of years ago.. that was when I decided to no longer renew my membership.

Although islamic inventions is something of an oxymoron.

Revnant Dream  – (7:28 PM)  

BCF this is now on Atlas Shrugged.
Thanks for posting this.

Ms. Doubt49  – (7:29 PM)  

They've crossed the line. Now what do we as Canadians who want to keep Canada Canadian do about it?

Ann  – (7:31 PM)  

This is now posted at Atlas Shrugs:

“Mosqueing of the Public School in Toronto: "Islamic ritual prayers are done in my 13 year old daughter's middle school on every Friday" Non-Muslims are Forbidden to use cafeteria
Here again we see the impostion of Islamic law and practice in the public square, or in this case, the public school. A similar situation exists at the TiZA school in Minnesota. The leading Canadian counter-jihad blog, Blazing Cat Fur, has the story:”
Well done BCF

sanwin  – (7:32 PM)  

The leading Canadian counter-jihad blog, Blazing Cat Fur...

I like the sound of that !

Ms. Doubt49  – (7:38 PM)  

sorry had not read all the postings before I posted my comment. TDSB has to be sued once and for all. It's the only way! Jewish parents have to pay for their children to pray in hebrew.

sanwin  – (7:40 PM)  

I have to bring up the Thorncliffe Park PS once again.

From the December 2010 minutes :

Follow up: Health Education in Grade 5 - Mr. El Sarraf
Mr. Sarraf cited that some points are sensitive and to use explicit pictures may be seen as inappropriate to parents. Also discussing the development of men & women may not be viewed as appropriate, personal hygiene following puberty may also be seem as inappropriate. Mr. El Sarraf asked how this learning will be replaced and expressed concerns about the unsupervised conversations of students following the lesson…those whose parents choose an exemption could receive this information second-hand from other students.
The principal assured parents that it will be handled sensitively and that the staff will work with the parents as much possible. Last year the Toronto Public Health was involved in planning this unit of study.
The Chair has suggested a committee to be formed for reviewing curriculum in depth, measuring its sensitivity under Islamic Faith codes. The committee should come up with some recommendations in next council meeting to be held in January, 2011.

From the Feb 2011 Minutes :

7. Grade 4 and 5 Health Education

Mr. Battaglia stated that the Ministry of Education states the curriculum for all subjects. School staff is working to develop their lesson plans in the area of Grade 4 and 5 Health Education. Mr. Battaglia will be sharing the school plans with the School Council committee. Mr. Battaglia also recognized that the board guidelines and procedures for the accommodation of religious requirements allow parents to seek an exemption or substitution in specific areas. His plan is to share the teachers plan with parents and to generate a letter to all parents regarding the curriculum and outlining the process for asking for an accommodation.

Now if I remember, the new policy clearly said there were NO exemptions. How come this school gets special treatment ?

Blazing Cat Fur  – (7:41 PM)  

I agree this necessitates a lawsuit.

We need to start writing both Ford and Hudak.

Poste de veille  – (8:54 PM)  

I translated your post. Great work BCF. Let's hope these school officials are made to account for their stupidity.  – (9:01 PM)  

My response is here

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:34 PM)  

Your rebuttal is welcome Common but misses the point by a wide margin. The TDSB is a secular board, it would not accomodate any other faith to the degree it has Muslims in this instance.

It is not freedom as you term it but rather hegemony that you seek.

This will give you an idea of how much Kool-Aid the TDSB has drunk:

The Toronto District School Board Teaches That Palestinians did not Celebrate 911.

sanwin  – (9:43 PM)  

Valley Park school logo :

CAIR logo :

Blazing Cat Fur  – (9:53 PM)  

That's a rather striking similarity!

1389  – (11:22 PM)  

This Halal-food infiltration in the school system HAS GOT TO STOP.

There are more reasons than most of us realize:

Why non-Muslims should avoid halal food

Chris  – (12:34 AM)  

Now we know why Americans never gave up the right to bear arms. Get your rifles cleaned.

Man with Hat  – (1:40 AM)  


Do you know if that sura is also recited in the prayers an ISNA approved Iman recites just before he inhumainly slits the throats of conscious animals for their meat and sacrifice for Moonbatgod, his peodophile messenger and the Ummah?

Kaffir Kanuck

Did that come from VofC? Thanks Mark V. Also Blaze posted the event last week with links to Mark Hardings' background.

Thanks BCF!

A very pretty young lady approached me on the Vic Park bridge today and told me her favourite picture was of me on the bridge. She posted it later and it looks black and white save for my poppy, but that's just the light.

She is the sister of one of our Heroes. She didn't know there was a Facebook site and said she would post it. She also didn't know that Roger Borchert wrote a poem for her brother Brian as he does for every one of them. Besides her brothers' poem, I told her to check out todays because of the circumstances. The only thing left are the concrete steps of Rogers house in Slave Lake. His prized possession arrived today as well, a new Canadian flag from Afghanistan to replace the one lost in the fire.

I couldn't figure out why she liked the fuzzy photo of ole me until I went to her facebook page and saw her avatar, which I didn't see today. Check out her favorite quote.

Hope to see some of you on Canada Day!

Kaffir_Kanuck  – (11:57 AM)  

Yes MwaT, that was From VoC.

Craig Read  – (7:37 AM)  

This is illegal. First Islam is not a religion it is a cult - it would be as if the Moonies took over the school each Friday. Second, by the laws of this country you cannot set up a church of anything on the school premises. Did someone contact the Parents Association at this school? Surely the parents of the abused children [Islam is a pathology of abuse, hate and stupidity], should be registering complaints. Islamic indoctrination is child abuse pure and simple. At the very least this Friday activity has NOTHING to do with education, or with 'values' that the Libtards are so fond of.

Kit  – (7:21 PM)  

Remember it was a white christian member of the board who did this... the Islamist just asked for it, but its always one of our own who sells out.

susan  – (1:57 AM)  

Out...Frickin...' rageous. This makes my blood boil and I sent an email to the school stating my feelings.

The Rat  – (11:05 AM)  

You might want to ask how the halal meat is prepared. Halal slaughter without stunning is considered inhumane by every animal code in the Western world. If my child was being fed halal food I's want to know if anyone was looking into that.

Wtivy –   – (8:13 PM)  

Stupid and asinine.The school board should have their heads examined

JustMe –   – (1:41 PM)  

Better talk to Jason Kenney and Stevie Harper.

JustMe –   – (1:57 PM)  

I'm sure your name is on the list for a call back but due to a high volume of incoming calls, they just can't keep up. Ha, ha! Don't wait forever! I think it's kind of like a girl who waits and waits to hear from a guy who says he's going to call her and never does? lol

JustMe –   – (2:10 PM)  

Now Sanwin, they have that little black box in Mecca that was invented 1400 years ago.  Actually,  its kind of a big box I think that they (Muslims) twirl round and round every year during the Haj! I think there must be something special inside of it? Gold, maybe? Anyway, it makes all the people walk around it in one big perfect circle, nobody out of step but I remember reading something about the special floors in this building also or how the floors are kept perfectly clean? lol Can't remember exactly as cleaning floors is not one of my interests. I don't know if they dance around this black box before or after stoning "that devil on the hill". lol 

JustMe –   – (2:16 PM)  

BNI posted this Toronto school mosqueteria story about a week ago also. How can we make this a national issue as I am willing to bet this same type of thing is happening in  many other major cities in Canada and it just hasn't been exposed yet?

Blazingcatfur –   – (3:03 PM)  

It will rise to the surface again.

Mainlander –   – (10:30 PM)  

I don't even know what to say any more. Canadians need to wake up and wake up big time.

Andre Delage –   – (9:15 AM)  

I was raised as a Catholic...Separate school were managed by nuns.  On the month of May...we would knelled for prayer in the corridor facing a statue of the virgin Mary....what does that tell you....

You are revolting to something that insult you...but what do you do to know the One and real God...I am Christian more Catholic....I have learn that God the Father wants a personal relationship with individual...not organize religion.  Please go to my web site

Best Regards


Derek16274 –   – (1:52 PM)  

It was Trudeau who started it all not jason and Stevie

S Juy –   – (12:43 PM)  

Just a little insight to those who do not know the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada.  If this middle school did not accommdate those who requested a space to pray--they would be going against The Charter.  The school is NOT promoting Islamic Religion--only accommadating those who requested it.  If a Christian students requested a space to prayer during the day--then a school would have to accommadate. 

My take oon this situation is everyone thinks the school is teaching prayer.  They are not.  They are only making the right accommadations for those who requested. 

To add, I am not sure if everyone has noticed, but our entire calendar bases itself around the Christian Religion--our holy day is Sunday.  So, as Christians (I am Christian) we pray on Sundays.  In the Muslim faith, Friday is their holy day, why do they not have a right to pray?  And if doing it in a school to ensure students do not miss classes--what is the problem?

I think most people against this whole situation--really do not know the facts.  This is my opinion on it.  I think that middle school and TDSB are doing a great thing. 

The_Gentile  – (3:44 PM)  

S Juy,

You haven't a clue what they're accommodating or how Islam works. It's not just another religion. And besides, Christians founded this country, so those who immigrate here should become Canadian and integrate into what we are and not force change on us because they want to stay different.

Sweet_sunshine90 –   – (7:12 PM)  

Are you educated in any form? Halal food is regular food except no pork.... why would you want meat in your kids school anyways as a snack? I dont understand some poeple 

Cmonnow –   – (7:41 PM)  

You want your kids to practise Christian faith during lunch? Then do something about like they have.  Who cares who started the school systems....stop being immature about the situation

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