Ezra Levant:Sun Media quits OPC, but ultimate decision-maker is you

"...So who is this Dvorkin character? Why is he so sad we’re leaving the Media Party’s club? Why does he think we’re not good enough to be our own bosses, our own editors, our own judges of what’s good reporting or not? Well, he’s worked for years at the CBC. Then he worked for years at the partially government funded broadcaster in the U.S., called NPR. Then he’s worked for years as a journalism expert at government universities.

So his journalistic career has been as a government journalist, writing for government- funded media, and now teaching at government institutions..."

Paul  – (8:10 PM)  

Sounds like Jeffrey Dvorkin is Canada's new "Captain Numb Nuts Waggy Finger".

The role's been vacant ever since Steyn trial interloper, Ryerson journalism professor John Miller, got run out of town, that is.

[... and we can all make like owls in the same way nobody ever hears from Miller or cares what he has to say ..... who?....who?....who?]

Blazing Cat Fur  – (8:37 PM)  

No kiddin, well nature abhors a vacuum.

Don Sharpe  – (11:46 PM)  

Dear Jeffrey Dvorkin,
I saw tonight on 'The Source' that you were invited to appear, and either were unable to appear or refused. I do hope that you are not unwell, or otherwise incapacitated. What an opportunity you've missed, the chance to have your opinions and viewpoints heard across Canada - opinions which I believe very much need to be heard and understood by all Canadians.

Ezra evicerated you in absentia, and I would have been very interested to hear your side of the story. As a journalist and professor for many years with various publically funded agencies, I would have been intrigued to hear you answer Mr. Levant's claims.

Please, if asked again to appear, clear your calendar and take advantage of the opportunity to, as you say on your blog, "Examine what works and what doesn't in media, ethics and journalism, and why." http://nowthedetails.blogspot.com/

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