Keep Noel In Your Prayers

Keep our friend Noel in your prayers, most of you will know him from his comments on this blog and others. He's in the early stages of a fight with cancer.

Our best wishes are with you Noel.

ibdancin  – (7:45 PM)  

Sending heartfelt good wishes, I will keep your complete recovery in my thoughts & prayers. 

Blazingcatfur –   – (8:41 PM)  

Noel is good guy. I am sure he appreciates it.

Revnant Dream –   – (9:52 PM)  

Will do .

MuniMuIa –   – (9:58 PM)  

Well said, ibdancing.  Let me echo that sentiment for Noel too.  

Alain –   – (10:18 PM)  

Same for me.

Vardit –   – (10:26 PM)  

Wishing Noel beats the sucker!  Best wishes to you, Noel!

Canuckistan666 –   – (11:35 PM)  

Will keep you in my prayers, dear Noel.  God bless you.

batb –   – (8:31 AM)  

God bless, keep, and heal you, Noel.

Go under His mercy.

dogwonder –   – (5:55 PM)  

You can beat that evil desease, stay strong.

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