Blazingcatfur Gets Results: Toronto District School Board "Disappears" Che Guevara!

At Left is a screenshot of the TDSB's Hispanic Primary & Junior Calendar for 2012. Note on the 24th that "Che Guevara" was listed when I posted my original story on June 11.

Have a look at the same calendar as it appears today,  "David Alvarez" has replaced Che on the 24th.

This link is a site search of the TDSB  - "Che Guevara". The TDSB has disappeared all but 1 link since my original report including the page that hosted the Che hagiography, which is preserved for posterity here.

All that remains is a picture of Che to assuage the broken hearts of the TDSB.

Thanks to the good folks at Sun who picked this up - Ezra,  Brian Lilley, Michael Coren, The Menzoid!, Brigitte Pellerin & Joe Warmington.

Update: Global News Steals The Story.

But get this U of T expert  Dr. Judith Teichman

"An expert in Latin American politics doesn’t think Guevara’s so-called “darker” actions are anything to shy away from, saying any executions ordered by Che Guevara were merely a part of the guerrilla war in which he was involved.  “The government was trying hard to infiltrate the revolutionary cells,” Dr. Judith Teichman from the University of Toronto said. “There were some allegations that he had some people executed. 

Not many.”  The rot runs deep. I gotta start chargin for this stuff.

I am sending this to Global,

Re; your story "Toronto school board pulls controversial Che Guevara lesson plan" "written" by James Armstrong which appears at this link.

This story was lifted directly from my blog I broke this story on June 11th.

What you have engaged in amounts to theft as no credit was given for my work. Where do I send my invoice?


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