TDSB Brainwashes Hispanic Children With Hagiographies Of Murderous Che Guevara & I The Liar Rigoberta Menchu

This is the TDSB's 2012 Hispanic/Latin Primary & Junior Calendar marking significant events and people deemed important to the elementary school children of this community.

The TDSB has obviously spent much time in preparing this list of historical figures. So let's see who made the TDSB's list.

Let's start with a hagiography of the Murderous communist Che Guevara. I've included the full piece below.

"With Che’s vision and the hard work of many people, today Cuba enjoys a literacy rate of over 99.8% (that’s almost 100%, meaning that everyone can read and write).  How does this compare with other nations in South America? " 

That's about as critical as this load of propaganda gets. Read about the real Che Guevara here, here and here. Pity the kids won't.

Next up? How about a hagiography of the proven fraud Rigoberta Menchú?  You can read all about Rigoberta the liar here as you won't find any truth in that pathetic mini-biography the TDSB has used to lie to children. At least the stuff on Menudo is more or less true.

TDSB Hagiography Ernesto Che Guevara

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