Globe & Mail Hacked! PressTV Article Substituted For Latest Doug Saunders Opus

Doug Saunders latest effort, Don’t mistake freedom’s fringe for Muslim mainstream,  reads like a recent   Webster Griffin Tarpley  interview given to PressTV in which Pamela Geller, John Bolton and I think Howdy Doody were blamed for the Mohammed film.

Doug assures us the embassy attacks are insignificant & committed by a small fringe. He conveniently ignores the attacks on Germany & Britain's embassies, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's approval of the attacks, and the bloody riots that have spread from Sydney to Paris. Further he is near exasperated at the need to remind us that the Arab Spring is a success.

The big take away as provided by Doug is this:  Anti-muslim conspiracy theorists are the real problem, on a par with radical Jihadists and a threat to freedom!

The jpeg is Doug blaming the Copts on twitter. His account must have been hacked as well.

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