Look what else the TDSB stripped from its site today....Auto Fellatio! Watersports! Gangbangs!

The TDSB must have gone into panic mode, the original link list in the "Veggie Sex" section had a total of 10 individual links, it's down to 4 now.

Here's the original list on Google cache and you can also view it in the jpeg.

The first site listed was afraidtoask.com. It's pretty uh.... remarkable. Click "Masturbation" then click  the sidebar link "Auto Fellatio" and you'll see what I mean. I enclosed a censored version of the pic in the jpg.

You could also click the "pornography" link - again found in the "masturbation" section. You'll find a list of links that introduce you to "watersports" and "gangbangs" among other things.

All of these were linked directly off the TDSB web site begging the question: Who's the TDSB web master? Larry Flynt? An investigation is in order.

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