Syrian Assassins At Work In Montreal

Canadian-Syrian Shot in Montreal

Threatened for months, the business man was actively supporting the Syrian Revolution.

He was shot in the shoulder from a fast moving car in front of his Montreal residence in the Chomedy area. It is important to note that he has been receiving deaths threats for the past few months including from the Syrian security apparatus who threatened to punish him wherever he is in the world. see jpg

Jonathan Halevi has interviewed Faisal Al - Azem in Shalom Toronto. NB - it's in Hebrew

Syrian assassins working in Montreal: "In conversation with " Shalom Toronto " Faisal Al - Azem , spokesman for the Council Syria - Canadian , says that the threats against activists who support the rebels have become commonplace in Canada . Usually threats are messages to Facebook from people who started the fake profiles , and in this case the threats came from the mouths of senior figures"

This is not the first time - Syrian demonstration ends in knife attack

Worth a replay - Assad Support Rally Queen's Park

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