The TDSB: Lesson Plans To Indoctrinate Grade 1 Children About Pride Day

I have come into the possession of several TDSB educational resource guides and curriculum documents. None of which are available on line for parents to examine.

Did you know that the TDSB considers it a duty to educate Grade 1 students about Pride Day? In fact they consider it "ethical pedagogy". In the curriculum document "Rainbows and Triangles" an entire lesson plan is devoted to teaching children in Grades 1-3 about Pride Day.  This document while referenced numerous times on the TDSB web site is not available online.

The lesson plan is entitled "Celebrating Family Diversity and Pride Day"  A goal of the lesson plan is that your child becomes familiar with terms such as "Gay,Lesbian and Bisexual" and to teach your child that Pride day is just another "family celebration"

As anyone knows, Gay pride parades in general and certainly Toronto's in particular can in no way shape or form be considered "Family Friendly Events"

I've posted the entire 4 page lesson plan in jpeg format below.

The TDSB is so intent on indoctrinating your child that in the "Anti-Homophobia Education Resource Guide",  they recommend an "Anti-Homophobia Education Moment" be broadcast every day at announcements.  Again this guide is not available online for parents to examine.

From the same Anti-Homophobia Resource Guide - Traditional definitions of male, female, masculine and feminine, husband and wife are considered "offensive"

Following is the Pride day lesson guide, "Celebrating Family Diversity and Pride Day"



I like the effort in Section 8 to sanitize Pride Day.


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