Tory MP Gets It Horribly Wrong

Tory MP says government should do something about anonymous online comments

Parliament should look into how to raise the level of online discourse by making anonymous commenters identify themselves, according to Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro.

“While I believe firmly that the right to free speech must be strongly defended and protected, I also believe it should be backed up by the common decency to stand by one’s words as opposed to hiding behind online anonymity,” the Peterborough MP said in the House of Commons Friday.

Dumb Dumb Dumb

Anonymous –   – (1:13 AM)  

Don't you just love how these tools always start out with, 'I believe in free speech, but..'

"Common decency"? We live in an era where expressing ideas that counter the ruling politically-correct dogmas even mildly can cost you your friends, your relationship, and your job, as well as leaving you stigmatized for years into the future. In Europe, such expressions can and have gotten people thrown into prison.

These are not exactly "decent" times. Aside from the formidable issue of voluntary societal censorship, in a perfect world, we could actually trust our governments not to be petty tyrants who pass stupid laws against hurting people's feelings, and then ruin lives by aggressively making examples of those who breach them. Unfortunately, this is where we're at now.

A big raised middle finger to conservative MP Dean Del Maestro.

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