Battle Of The Disembodied Prophets Head: Ahmadi Wars Part Deux

It's Round 2 in Muslim Wars! Recall the initial salvo sent by NAMF: "Toronto's "Moderate Muslims" Preach Hate Against "Apostate Moderate Ahmadi Muslim's" Roy Thomson Hall Muhammad Fest".

It's now escalated to a challenge debate over the prophet-hood of a disembodied head. Here's an excerpt from the debate challenge email, the Ahmadi fired back with a number of charges against NAMF's Mullah.

You called me:

“an obscurantist mullah”
“a wolf so far covered in sheep’s cloth (sic)”
“(without) ethics and moral principles”
“enmity and hatred (is) your religion”
“(one who has) forsaken (all) remnants of faith”
“(one with) unethical and unIslamic behaviour”
“Opponents of the Prophet (s) (are) your spiritual ancestors” etc.

Furthermore, you called our receptionist at my office in the morning of Tuesday, Nov 20 and began cursing me to her, calling me a coward, a eunuch, one who flees a challenge, etc. and making threats to “sue” me, while demanding from her my cell phone number – which she refused to give.

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