Idiot Leftists Who Used Israeli Child Injured By Hamas Rocket To Promote Anti-Israel Protest Blame The Joos

Remember the idiots from the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War? The morons who used a picture of an Israeli child injured by a Hamas rocket to promote their Pro-Islamic Terrorist Rally?

Well they responded to Reader SK's email and guess what? The twit blames the JOO's in the first sentence of his reply.

From: Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 8:10 PM

Dear Susan:

What does it matter whether the baby is Israeli or Palestinian? She was injured and perhaps died as a result of the overwhelming arrogance of Israeli PM Netanyahu who cynically wages war against defenceless Gazans to distract Israeli voters from their protests against austerity measures because he wants to be re-elected, who keeps the Gazans living in the world's largest prison camp under siege, and who refuses to respect truces with Hamas.

The current crisis began in earnest on November 14 When Hamas military commander, Jabari, was assassinated by Israel during a truce during which he was working with the Israelis in arranging an indefinite truce (lasting perhaps decades) provided that Israel was willing to end its blockade of Gaza and return to its 1967 boundaries. Clearly, the Israeli government does not want such a truce.We did change the photo two days ago, by the way. (Please see below.) But the message is the same: let the Israeli government come to a political solution with the Palestinians to end the bloodshed.

Ken Stone

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