Toronto's "Moderate Muslims" Preach Hate Against "Apostate Moderate Ahmadi Muslim's" Roy Thomson Hall Muhammad Fest

Ah the benefits of Multiculturalism. Nothing like a little Muslim sectarian hate to spice up our mosaic of diversity.  NAMF, the North American Muslim Foundation, whose friends are hoping to sue yours truly, sent out this this little missive or should that be missile aimed at the Ahmadi community who are presenting Muhammad - The astonishing story of the Prophet, tomorrow night at Roy Thomson Hall. The event is billed as a response to the wonderfully educational docudrama "Innocence Of Muslims".

The NAMF missive is entitled Ahmediyya and Muslims, and is written by Imam Sheharyar Shaikh.

I've excerpted a few choice passages below, the entire assault on the Ahmadi may be read in the in the jpeg. The Ahamdi are considered apostates by mainstream moderate muslims, in fact I have reported on a local GTA mosque that condoned death to their kind. Do note that the "Moderate Ahmadi" come across as very typical Islamists according to NAMF and for that we should be grateful for their effort.

Take it away Sheharyar...

"I do not believe that one should boycott anyone from holding a dialogue. One always learns something from an exchange, no matter how abhorrent or deviant their beliefs may be from one’s vantage point. One of the few exceptions I make is in the case of the lay Muslim’s engagement with the Ahmedi missionaries and proselytizers. I list this due to the risk of losing one’s iman, thereby destroying one’s eternity as a result of such interactions if one isn’t fully cognizant of the opposing agenda. The mainstream Muslim boycott of the Ahmediyya Jamaat is in the best interest of the Muslims because of its deceptiveness and trickery in getting a lay Muslim to agree to certain points favourable to them in a discussion and its need for Muslims to attend their community events and programs in order to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the wider audience."

"Mirza Ghulam Ahmed unequivocally called his non-followers (Muslims):

“non-Muslims” (tazkira-e majmu’a-e ilhamat, pg. 600),
“complete kafir(s)” (infidels) (Kalimatul-fasl, p. 110)
“bastards” (walad ul-haram) (Anwar ul-Islam, pg. 30, RK vol. 9, pg. 31)
“children of whores” (dhuriyyat ul-baghayaa) (A’ina-e Kamalat-e Islam, pg 547-548, RK vol. 5, pg. 547-548)
“swines… and their women have become worse than bitches” (Najm ul-Huda, pg. 53, RK vol. 14, pg. 53)

So much for the “Love for all, hatred for none” slogan."

"Now comes the point of how to deal with the Ahmediyya Jamaat, especially in the west. The overall best policy for the Muslims is to not deal with them at all, unless strictly for da’wah conducted by those who are acquainted with this cult’s vile agenda. It neither is, nor ever will be inshaAllah a serious threat to the global Muslim community. Our organization was approached many times to hold debates with them, and let it be known that we are always ready to hold a debate so long as it is public. With reference to the upcoming conference on the Prophet (s) to occur in the Roy Thompson Hall on Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012, (for which we have so far received 4 invitation cards, 2 email invitations, a letter by mail and personal invites), I strongly advise the Muslims not to attend it. The purpose behind the event is to to attract the naïve Muslims to their ground for possible conversions by posing themselves as the foremost "defenders" of the Prophet (s)'s honor. Secondly, it is to present themselves as peaceloving Muslims to the Canadians so as to win their sympathies and support.

Of course had they cared for the Prophet’s honor they would have rejected Ghulam Ahmed who claimed equality with or superiority over the Prophet (s) in the following words:

“..I am Muhammad (pbuh)” (tatimma-e Haqiqat ul-Wahi, pg. 521)

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