The TDSB Looking For New Head Huckster & Still Pissing Away Tax Dollars

The TDSB should not be in charge of finding a replacement for Chris Spence, especially in light of this latest revelation about how they waste your money.

Maybe we should have a write in campaign for possible TDSB Chair replacements.

I'm recommending my cat Pip for the following reasons.

1) Pip did not plagiarize his thesis.

2) He's a Tuxedo and he's fixed! Thus meeting board mandated Equity hiring requirements.

3) He sleeps most of the day which means he'll fit right in.

4) Knows how to use a litter-box.

5) Hates vegetables, which should keep the kids safe...well safer.

6) I don't even have to ask I just know he hates Che Guevara

7) Pip is not a racist and will reverse all discriminatory TDSB policy. He promises to implement Take Your Dog To School Fridays, starting with Thorncliffe Park.

8) Pip is smarter than any OISE grad. Ever. Period.

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