Toronto Sunni Imam: "May Allah punish these criminals and (you are right) tools of Zionism and the New World Order."

The email below is from the Toronto Shia chat forum, as you'll note it is a forwarded message. The original message was sent to promote the Shia protest being held at Toronto's Pakistani consulate this evening.  The message was sent to Shehryar Shaikh, Imam of NAMF whose reply has been triumphantly forwarded to the Toronto Shia Community chat forum. As you will note the email sent to the NAMF Imam contains the original Blood Libel "Zionist Plot" poster advertising the protest.

The jpeg above is an invitation to an Islamophobia conference hosted by the lying hypocrites of NAMF, CAIR attended as did the a representative of the TDSB. NAMF should be renamed the North American Muslim Fanatics...

I want you to remember who NAMF is. The McGuinty government gave these hatemongers $150,000.00 of your tax dollars. NAMF brought in Hate Speaking Imams to celebrate Ramadan. NAMF are backers of the TDSB's Mosqueteria. Here's Shehryar attacking the Apostate Ahmadi.  Why do they have charitable status?

From Sh. Sheheryar of NAMF

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: S. Shaikh
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 1:20:53 AM
Subject: Re: Toronto protest and candlelight vigil against Quetta massacre
Salam Adil,

It is with utter disgust and contempt do we condemn this heartless massacre. May Allah punish these criminals and (you are right) tools of Zionism and the New World Order.

If I were in power Id deal with such animals by crucifixion in public. May Allah deal with them better.

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