Funding to fight honour killings - Why do Canadians have to pay for the fallout from an obviously failed immigration policy?

This is well worth watching, some very blunt statements are made about the misogyny present in the Muslim community and fueled by Islam's inherent creed of violence. Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, speaks with Brian Lilley about the Tories announcing funding to fight honour killings. She seems to believe that we are obligated to accept Muslim immigrants and then pay for the cost of civilizing them. Sorry I am not buying this, we are not obligated to accept Muslim immigration and the danger their ideology poses to our society.

To be clear I believe Raheel's heart is in the right place and she makes a good point that we have no choice but to deal with the Muslim community we have welcomed as immigrants. However as I wrote in an earlier post our immigration policy has failed us as a nation, perhaps by malicious design;

I say this in good faith, however misplaced and naive that faith may be, surely the errors made to date were done so without malice. I'm not trying to be facetious, but I have wondered if there exists a cabal of toxic, likely Marxist indoctrinated, bureaucrats who find themselves inspired to set up an immigration recruiting blitz whenever they locate a nation whose culture, beliefs & values are antithetical to our own. It's not at all a too fantastic theory, the Labour Party in Britain were caught out having opened the immigration floodgates in a deliberate effort to forever alter the nation's demographic and rub the Conservative party's nose in diversity with predictably disastrous results.

Please tell me that our immigration policy wasn't concocted out of some sort of malignant Liberal Guilt Death Wish to atone for the imagined horrors of Canada's colonial past.

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