Muslim Brotherhood Front ISNA Canada Loses Charitable Status Over Terror Funding - Justin Trudeau Vote Whored For Them

TORONTO — The Canada Revenue Agency has revoked the charitable status of an Islamic group after it says it distributed over $280,000 to an agency allegedly linked to a terrorist organization in Pakistan.

The CRA announced Friday it will strip the Islamic Society of North America Canada's Development Foundation of its charitable status.

After a nearly two-year-long audit of its books, the CRA said it found evidence linking the group to an organization that funds a terrorist organization in Pakistan.

You shouldn't cast aspersions against law abiding citizens says Terror Funding Muslim Hate Group ISNA

Full statement From Canada Revenue Agency on terror funding by Muslim Hate Group ISNA Canada.

The Muslim Brotherhood Front group CAIR-Canada is disappeared from ISNA Affiliate Listing

Recall that CAIR-Can recently and inexplicably changed its name. Perhaps this was done in anticipation of this ruling.  Its new name, National Council Of Canadian Muslims aka Terror Supporters Hiding In Plain Site, is no longer listed among ISNA's affiliates.

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