Christine Tasin Convicted of Sacrilege Against Islam

"Last year we reported on the case of Christine Tasin, a Counterjihad activist for Résistance Républicaine in France. During a confrontation with a Muslim bully on the street in Belfort, Ms. Tasin stood her ground. She acknowledged matter-of-factly that she was an Islamophobe, and told him, “L’Islam est une saloperie”, which is translated here as “Islam is crap”, and previously as “Islam is filth”.

Ms. Tasin was tried, convicted, and fined by a French court for those words. As she says in the video below, this means that a French court has applied sharia law, and has punished her for a crime not seen in France since the reign of Charles X (1824-1830)."

h/t Marvin

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